. At the barbershop, enjoying a lovely beverage with friends, or jawing at the office water
cooler with colleagues, conversation sooner or later turns to "rights"

Let's face it, "rights" are great to have and a favorite topic to talk about, yet few of you know your #1 "Right" ... 
without which "Right" all your other "rights" are just empty promises.

 If you have a "right" - let's say the "right" to run your business or the "right" to protect trade secrets or the "right" to receive a fair trial in a criminal case, and your "rights" are ignored by others, what can you do?

If you can afford to hire a trustworthy lawyer (an oxymoron in some circles) you might pay lots of money and send your lawyer to court to: enforce your "rights" for you ... 
  • hoping with all your fingers crossed that things will turn out ok, and the lawyer's fees don't drive you into bankruptcy.
But, what if you can't afford a lawyer?
Or, what if you aren't sure you can trust the lawyer you hire?
What then?

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Until Jurisdictionary®, your #1 "Right" has been hidden from you by the legal profession I've belonged to since 1986, a profession that has never made any genuine effort to reveal to the public or force our tax-supported schools to teach our children just how simple the process of litigation really is and how your tax-supported court system works!

Your #1 "Right" is the "right" to know how to enforce your "rights" in court!
With the Jurisdictionary® "How to Win in Court" 24-hour online law course, everyone can now know what lawyers have refused to reveal since the dawn of time!
Knowledge you and your children have a "right" to know and exercise to get Justice.

Knowledge that should NEVER be hidden from anyone!
  • Exercise your #1 "Right" without depending on the honesty and competence of expensive legal assistance.
  • Demand that the schools you support with your tax dollars teach this #1 "Right" that is your children's birthright!
  • It is nothing short of criminal for the legal profession to keep your #1 "Right" a secret from you and your children, so their privileged few can continue getting rich on exorbitant legal fees!
  • If you can afford to hire a lawyer, by all means do so ... but know what the lawyer could be doing (and should be doing) to earn his or her fee and win your case!
  • If you can't afford a lawyer, know what you can do to enforce your "rights" ... or risk losing before you've even begun.
Without your #1 "Right", the rest of your "rights" are just empty promises!
  • Knowing how to get Justice is everyone's #1 "Right".
  • Will YOU know how to get Justice when you need it most?
  • Or do you plan on mortgaging your home or borrowing against your business to hire an expensive lawyer then closing your eyes and hoping for the best?

 Your children deserve to know " Learn "How To Win In Court" ... and so do YOU!