Thursday, May 30, 2013

Key Words from DHS List used to Spy on Social Networks

Want to be on Department of Homeland Security to put you on their Watch List?
Use as many of these words as possible!!!
Link to Original Article>> Dept. of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Free Legal Flyers Download

Free Flyer Downloads

Here is some useful self help legal flyers. Each .zip file contains 3 different document formats for your convenience.
Download WinRAR or 7zip if you need a program to extract your download.
*NEW* 18 U.S.C. 5033 INVOKE CHILDS RIGHTS Flyers Download
*NEW* NOT UNDER OATH Flyers Download
Arrest Me or Free Me Flyers Download
Attorney's Retainer Flyers Download
Ultimate User - Right to Possesion Flyers (Multiple States) Download
Carolina Seat Belt Flyers Download
Courts Martial Objection Flyers Download
No Unmarked Cop Car Flyers Download
Department of Liscencing No Social Security Card Required Download
Expired ID is Valid ID Flyers Download
General Offer to Pay Lawful Money for North/South Carolina Download
Hiring An Attorney - Find out what your Money Gets You Download
Homeland Security Flyers Download
Improper Service of Process Flyers Download
Informational Picketing Flyers Download
Judiciary Act Flyers Download
Miranda Rights Flyers Download
No Intent to Distribute Flyers Download
No Identification Flyers Download
No Insurance Required Flyers Download
No Jurisdiction on Reservations Flyer Download
No License Required Flyers Download
No Nazi Checkpoints Flyers Download
No Search and No Trespass Flyers Download
No Search of Passengers Flyers Download
No Waiver of Rights Flyers Download
Perjury Flyers Download
Right to Practice Law Flyers Download
No Random Liscence Plate Checks Notice Flyer Download
Recreational Vehicle Flyers Download
Religion Objection to Vaccinations Flyer Download
Right to Counsel Flyers Download
Right to Representation Flyers Download
Right to Self Defense Download
Right to Travel Defense Flyers Download
Seat Belt Flyers Download
Speeding Flyers Download
Stop Arrest Flyers Download
Tender of Payment Flyers Download
Title 18 Warning Flyers Download
Toll Roads Are Illegal Flyers Download

Friday, May 24, 2013

Judge Watch - Featured Site

Here is a featured site, one may want to visit.
It is vital that ALL of us are Responsible for OUR ACTIONS.
However, and unfortunately, THOSE IN LEGAL POWER are Acting "Under the Color of Law"

Introductory definition>> "In U.S. law, the term color of denotes the “mere semblance of legal right”, the “pretense or appearance of” right; hence, an action done under color of law colors (adjusts) the law to the circumstance, yet said apparently legal action contravenes the law.[1] Under color of authority is a legal phrase used in the United States[2] indicating a person is claiming or implying the acts he or she is committing are related to and legitimized by his or her role as an agent of governmental power, especially if the acts are unlawful." Read More
Featured Site

  A national, nonpartisan,
nonprofit citizens' organization
documenting how judges break the law
and get away with it.
Our Mission . . .
To improve the quality of our judiciary by removing political considerations from the judicial selection process and by ensuring that the process of disciplining and removing judges is effective and meaningful.

What We Do . . .

  • Educate the public about the paramount importance of the judiciary and its role in protecting our constitutional form of government.
  • Document the nature and extent of judicial incompetence, abuse, and dishonesty and the failure of judicial conduct commissions and screening panels to protect the public.
  • Network judicial activists and legal reform groups around the country to promote citizen involvement, concerted action, and protection for judicial "whistleblowers".
  • Track media coverage of issues of judicial selection and discipline, working with reporters and editors to provide accurate coverage.
  • Testify before public and private bodies involved in judicial issues.
  • Initiate and support legal action in the public interest to advance the goal of a quality judiciary, free from political influence.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach - Final Book Now Abailable

Is REFORM Even Possible???
Final Book Available Now
Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach
Download Free PDF Buy This Book Now
Adolescence is a distinct, yet transient, period of development between childhood and adulthood characterized by increased experimentation and risk-taking, a tendency to discount long-term consequences, and heightened sensitivity to peers and other social influences. A key function of adolescence is developing an integrated sense of self, including individualization, separation from parents, and personal identity. Experimentation and novelty-seeking behavior, such as alcohol and drug use, unsafe sex, and reckless driving, are thought to serve a number of adaptive functions despite their risks.
Research indicates that for most youth, the period of risky experimentation does not extend beyond adolescence, ceasing as identity becomes settled with maturity. Much adolescent involvement in criminal activity is part of the normal developmental process of identity formation and most adolescents will mature out of these tendencies. Evidence of significant changes in brain structure and function during adolescence strongly suggests that these cognitive tendencies characteristic of adolescents are associated with biological immaturity of the brain and with an imbalance among developing brain systems. This imbalance model implies dual systems: one involved in cognitive and behavioral control and one involved in socio-emotional processes. Accordingly adolescents lack mature capacity for self-regulations because the brain system that influences pleasure-seeking and emotional reactivity develops more rapidly than the brain system that supports self-control. This knowledge of adolescent development has underscored important differences between adults and adolescents with direct bearing on the design and operation of the justice system, raising doubts about the core assumptions driving the criminalization of juvenile justice policy in the late decades of the 20th century.
It was in this context that the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) asked the National Research Council to convene a committee to conduct a study of juvenile justice reform. The goal of Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach was to review recent advances in behavioral and neuroscience research and draw out the implications of this knowledge for juvenile justice reform, to assess the new generation of reform activities occurring in the United States, and to assess the performance of OJJDP in carrying out its statutory mission as well as its potential role in supporting scientifically based reform efforts.
Download Free PDF
Buy This Book Now

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calling Co-Sponsors for Parent Rights Amendment logo
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May 21, 2013
Parental Rights Amendment Now Accepting Cosponsors
The Parental Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution is back in the U.S. Congress! Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) will be the lead sponsor this term, with support from Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ). The Amendment has not yet been introduced, but has been through drafting and is now ready for circulation. This means it can be shared with your congressman and Rep. Meadows can begin to gather original cosponsors!

We are excited about our chances of moving the Amendment through the House this session, since supporting cosponsor Franks is the chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. This is the subcommittee the PRA will need to go through to reach the full Judiciary Committee, so his leadership there will help to pave a smooth path for its progress.

We are also excited about our behind-the-scenes progress in the Senate, and hope to confirm our lead sponsor there very soon.

In the newest iteration of the Amendment we have chosen to add a clarifying section to make sure the rights of every parent of a public school student will be protected as they were before the terrible Fields v. Palmdale ruling of the Ninth Circuit in 2005.

In that decision, the Court determined that parental rights “end at the school door.” (A later en banc decision of the Ninth Circuit softened the wording, but did not significantly change its meaning.) Such a termination of parental rights every time a child enters school is simply unacceptable.

This new section of the Parental Rights Amendment will ensure that parents have “the right to make reasonable choices in public schools for one’s child.” This will preserve the right, for instance, to opt one’s child out of a session the parents might find objectionable. It will not give parents any power over the school’s curriculum or what is taught to anyone else’s child. (The same section also provides an explicit protection of the right to choose public, private, religious, or home schooling.)

You can find the full text to the newly updated amendment here.

Action Item: Please Call Your Congressman
Now it is time to contact your congressman and ask him or her to sign on as an original cosponsor of the Amendment. This should be a friendly call, especially if your congressman has sponsored the PRA in the past.

Your message can be as simple as the following: “Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina is gathering original cosponsors for the Parental Rights Amendment, and I would like to encourage my congressman to sign on. The language has been drafted but not introduced, so there isn’t a bill number yet, but you can contact Patrick Fleming in Rep. Meadows’ office for a copy of the resolution or to sign on as a cosponsor. Thank you.”

In many cases, your congressman and his staff will appreciate the call. In any event, please be courteous when you call; we are building relationships that can help the Amendment pass in the long run.

To find your congressman’s phone number, click on your state at Be sure to call their Washington, D.C., office.

Then, you can check our website to see when your Congressman has signed on. We will keep the list as current as possible so that you can know when calls are no longer needed.

Why not also use this opportunity to encourage your friends and family to get involved with the Parental Rights Amendment by asking them to join you in calling Congress? Then, send them to our website to sign the petition so they can get these notices for themselves.

This would also be a good time, if you are able, to make a generous donation to to help us keep this exciting effort charging forward throughout the summer.

Thank you for taking action today as we prepare for the introduction of the PRA in Congress!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

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