Sunday, September 8, 2013


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Don't wait for a leader to ride on their White Horse!!
 Plus one of the Issues presented to the CA Blue Ribbon Commission by one of the Small Voices in CA, Lori>>
1. Transparency issues- do away with anonymous reporting through hotline calls and calls from non-mandated reporters- prosecution for parties found to be maliciously placing calls. California is one of the few states that fail to actively seek charges against parties who place these types of calls, causing real issues of neglect and abuse to be ignored/overlooked and harder to identify for Social Workers. Los Angeles County is respectfully requested to pursue and Ordinance and Amend for the sake of effective reporting- a County Code Section to prosecute to the fullest extent of law Parties found to place false reports of Child Abuse.<< (Read More)

They Kidnapped Our Child: Why CPS Needs Transparency Now
This is a must watch for all who have kids or are interested in the travesty that is the Child

Join Us Sep. 10, 3PM EST  on Freedom Talk Radio when We Discuss:
State Audits of the Child Protective Service: Is this an effective Tool?
What we Hope to Discuss? : We will be discussing the Purpose of a State Audit:
  • Audits of the Past in Regards to the Child Protective Agencies
  • The Current Audit in California with a Guest that has been Active in LA County with the Board of Supervisors and Blue Ribbon Comission.
  • Related Power Point Presentation
PPT Page 1  The Trauma Continues:
While WE do NOTHING!

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we know that the agency Not only in California, but Nationally is,
or seems to be, destroying families instead of repairing and/or guiding families.
So do call in if you have been that
"one small voice", like Lori, Our Special Guest,

offering suggestions to your Board of Supervisors.