Thursday, January 23, 2014

What the Heck is a Dog Book? in the Legal Arena

A DogBook is a document for lawyers to use in Family Court (554 pages). However, there are many great “check lists” that may be very helpful to the members in our group.

You can Download a pdf copy of this at>> (Please note, and depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take a bit to download. Please be patient.)

The Introduction to this document, which was created in CA, gives a little history about the DogBooks creation:

Courtroom binders containing case law and reference material have been a staple of civil and criminal litigators for generations. In Cali­fornia, several district attorney and public defender offices share the urban legend that one of their attorneys pasted a picture of his or her dog on the cover of the binder. For years, attorneys commonly referred to these binders as “dogbooks.”  

If this is not enough reading material, perhaps one might want to download the “Judges’ bench books for their state? (Please note, I have a few more states to add to the NFPCAR website) Link to index>>

Intro to this Web Page:
Just a Thought

Judge Leonard Edwards wrote an article for the Judges Page on the National CASA website where he says that judges need to stop rubber stamping these cases and enforce the "Reasonable Efforts" requirement, but they are afraid a "No Reasonable Efforts" ruling could cost their state millions of dollars.  There is also at least one Judges Bench Book (California) that is referred to as "The Smoking Gun" because it very clearly states that the courts MUST rule during the initial hearing (after removal) that it is contrary to the best interest of the child to be returned home, otherwise the state is NEVER eligible for federal funding.  You can see it for yourself at on pages 2, 3 and 13.


But, again, with all the GUIDANCE, why can’t those in our Legal System get it right??

  • One concern is that those in legal power are overloaded and your day in court may be say 15 minutes tops.. Another reason why one has to get to their legal concerns as precise and clear as possible. .. 
what is Proof and what is fluff?
Whether you seek a lawyer, or are brave enough to go Pro Se, you MUST be organized before you step into the legal arena. the guidance for Lawyers is called a Dog Book, but for you, let's call it Your Law Book.

Here are comments on>> Reason for Law Book. It is an excerpt from:
"Standing in the Shadow of Law "
Many don't realize that we are a Republic and Not a Democracy. In choosing such a direction, we, as a Nation chose to create laws/statutes to govern ourselves.
So, I certainly hate to be the Bad Guy, but "Ignorance of the law is No Excuse". Read More>>
And, if the Child Protective agency becomes involved??
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,GranPa Chuck
Researcher, Editor, Publisher

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Romeo Misses a Payment" ~ Watch FULL Version NOW

The film will play on our website
FREE for 30 days only starting January 6th.

Please save the date and PASS IT ON!  Comment, Share, Voice Your Opinion and Make a Change today!

Monday watch the new full version FREE!

January 6, 2014- Los Angeles – In light of the new year and hopeful for new beginnings, Aginelo productions is proud to announce Romeo Misses a Payment, a powerful independent film chronicling the fall out of divorce and child custody cases in America, will be offered for free viewing online at until February 6.
Romeo Misses a Payment showcases the fallout of divorce in America, the inequities involving child custody among low-income groups, and how the current system perpetuates a "one parent household" to the very children that need support the most.  With families being brutally ripped apart and divorce rates skyrocketing, the film begs the question, “Is there a better way?”

Filmmaker Angelo Lobo felt it important to offer the film for mass viewing.
“With the coming of the new year, I’m optimistic that we will begin to see some progress in the family court system and the priority placed again on the family unit,” Lobo said, “and the more people that see what’s actually happening, the better our chances are to affect a change.”

Through never-before-seen footage, Lobo exposes the gaps in America’s divorce system.  Biased custody hearings, parental alienation, fake paternity cases, and the woes of non-custodial parents in low-income brackets are bared in this incendiary but ultimately triumphant film. Seen through the eyes of those affected most, children, parents and extended families, the film also features the expert testimonies of attorneys, judges, and law officers who are caught up in the raging "business" of divorce.

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  Another Great Document for Your Library
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"Standing in the Shadow of the Law", Special Edition.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Petition: All Elected Officials and in particular, Congress: Create bills that comply

All Elected Officials and in particular, Congress: Create bills that comply

This petition is directed towards all stockholders who knowingly and willfully invest in products and services that violate health and safety in the United States and abroad with US companies or companies that export into the United States for the purpose of profiting without regards to public endangerment.

This petition specifically is addressing the following types of investing in companies known to violate health and safety along with human and civil rights of US citizens and their children:
  1. All medical cartels to include: Pharmaceutical companies et al, doctors and prescribing nurses clinics et al, scientists and their companies who exploit the public and do harm et al, mental health facilities who over-prescribe to persons and prescribe dangerous drugs to children not authorized for children and mental health persons who take "diagnosis orders" from paying state and federal workers.
For the record, we do NOT agree that killing and maiming a percentage is acceptable if a few benefit. We do NOT agree that providing a letter of reprimand is acceptable when scientists neglect to reveal important information regarding a product's effectiveness or danger.
2.   All legal entities that flagrantly commit human and civil rights violations to include gender discrimination, disability discrimination, parental rights violations such as family and dependency courts and any legal group who goes against the public good. We DO NOT agree that family and dependency court should ever be included in a state's constitution.
3.  All corporations who manufacture both here in the US and abroad that violate human rights, cover up indiscretions, do harm to the environment and consequently to the general public plus dictate inferior education standards with tax paid public schools.

Stockholder violations of this nature shall be considered traitorous, an enemy of the state and subject to prosecution and lawsuits at a federal level.

First violation:
$5000 fine, 30 days in jail no plea bargaining

Second violation:
Six months in jail and $50,000 fine with loss of voting priviledges and a loss of stockholder opportunities, no plea bargaining

All elected officials who attempt or refuse to operate under the public good and attempt or support immunity for stockholders who illicit public endangerment through stock investment will be considered an enemy of the state and immediate removal from office and loss of future tax dollar income.
Jan Smith
Petition by
Jan Smith

Olympia, WA

Sign Now

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  Another Great Document for Your Library
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"Standing in the Shadow of the Law", Special Edition.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blog: Judge's tirade against child welfare caseworkers hits point

This will go down in my memory as one of the angriest and most passionate tirades I've heard


With his lip sometimes quivering and furious tone, Judge Chris Melonakis didn't hold back as he unleashed a verbal assault on the Adams County Human Services Department, child welfare caseworkers and their supervisors.
In the ten-minute courtroom barrage, Judge Melonakis called for a grand jury investigation against the department and basically held caseworkers directly responsible for the death of toddler Michael Harris.

  • Here's one of the quotes from the video you'll have to watch (at about 8:42):
"It's appalling the level of neglect, not by the mother, which is appalling, but by the state, charged with the care and protection of a child. It is ridiculous. It transcends the boundaries of human decency. Irrespective of the bureaucratic ability to hide behind privacy laws, to hide behind privilege, to make no statements, to try and cover their tracks, knowing the press is going to go away. The stories don't have legs for five years. Judges get rotated out of divisions, so you can come in with a new judge and give him the smiley face and convince him you're doing your job. That administrative review takes years, and years, and years...and children die and bureaucrats still have their jobs. That's the way it works. That's the way the system in this state is set up."

During our Failed to Death coverage, we repeatedly ran into counties claiming "privacy laws" prevented them from talking about a child fatality.
How convenient.
We illustrated this obstacle while I profiled the case of a little boy named Andres Estrada. He died despite numerous calls to police and caseworkers about neglect and no supervision in his home.
Adams County wouldn't talk to us about the Estrada case, and deferred comment to the state.
Counties want local control of their caseworkers and human services departments. And they make a good argument that they are more familiar with what services families need at their local level. Makes sense.

 However, when a county makes a mistake, and a child dies, it doesn't want the local accountability. It doesn't want to answer to the public or press. It draws the privacy law curtains, and escapes scrutiny.
If counties want to operate their own human services departments, they should be transparent at the local level so mistakes and errors can be fixed. That's just good government.

Who are privacy laws protecting? Children?
If only the dead could have their say.

Have a comment or tip for investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola? Call him at 303-871-1425 or e-mail him

(KUSA-TV © 2013 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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  Another Great Document for Your Library
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"Standing in the Shadow of the Law", Special Edition.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Farris: Defend Our Country by Defending Parents logo"A government established to defend personal liberties seems bent on destroying them, while cultural elitists attack the one thing keeping freedom alive in America today—parents who nurture a love for freedom in their children..."
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December 31, 2013

Dear Champion of Parental Rights,

Every day it seems like we experience a new attack on one of our treasured freedoms. The blows seem relentless as government grows and those in power take bigger and bigger roles in the private lives of our families.

A government established to defend personal liberties seems bent on destroying them, while cultural elitists attack the one thing keeping freedom alive in America today—parents who nurture a love for freedom in their children. This is the “big picture” vision of our cause: that preserving parental rights is about defending all of the values we hold dear.

That’s why I am urging you to support as we launch the new calendar year.

Like you, I am not one to sit idly by and watch as the powerful elites of our time dismantle freedom bit by bit! That’s why 30 years ago I co-founded an organization dedicated to defending the right to homeschool. That’s why I started a college that trains young leaders who love this country to impact the culture. That’s why I’ve litigated dozens of constitutional cases before the nation’s appellate courts.

These endeavors were not easy—in fact, many critics of each effort said (and hoped!) that my plans would fail. But I didn’t launch them because I thought it would be easy. I knew that each of these projects would require more hard work than anyone could predict, would face substantial opposition, and would depend wholly on the blessing of God for ultimate success. But intrinsic to each of these efforts was the desire to protect our God-given freedoms.

And that’s why I started six years ago: to protect the future of our country.

Parental rights lies at the foundation of every other issue I have fought for. The key to holding the line on freedom is to empower parents who will pass on their values to their children and train up leaders who will carry these battles forward in the future.

At its core, protecting who we are as a nation begins with protecting parental rights.

Frankly, I don’t know a single person among my freedom loving friends who would tell me they got their love for America from the government or any of its “agents of influence.” Quite the opposite! Traditional values survive in America because parents teach them to their children. The cultural inheritance that gets passed down from one generation to the next has a profound and irreplaceable impact both on our moral fabric and our belief in liberty.

At the heart of our nation lies not a government institution, but a people dedicated to preserving and defending true constitutional liberty. That’s what our Founding Fathers believed, and I believe it too.

In contrast, many bureaucrats and special interest groups in our nation spend their time, power, and resources attempting to undermine parents and the values we hold dear.

There’s something ironic about a government that schools its own voters. That’s why I’m so troubled about the constant push to marginalize parents and centralize not only education decisions, but every decision having to do with the care and upbringing of a child!

Sadly, I fear that many Americans do not even realize how serious our situation is.

But you know as well as I do what’s at stake. Without courageous leaders who will stand up and fight for what’s right, freedom declines and cultural heritage is lost forever. Our opponents believe this too, and that’s why they attack the parent-child relationship so fiercely. The success of their agenda depends on how well they reach today’s 10-year-olds.

One generation—today’s children—will define what freedom looks like in the future. If the “progressive” elitists can decide today what the next generation thinks, they can gain ground in every other fight for freedom. One generation is not a long time, especially when you consider that we’re at the tipping point on so many fronts.

But in spite of the mounting threats to families, I believe we can turn this tipping point into a turning point!

I’m hopeful we will win, and here’s why: of all the political battles I’ve fought in my lifetime, the one I’ve seen God consistently bless with more “impossible” victories than any other is the effort to protect parental rights.

I’m not talking about wins that were “in the bag” beforehand. We’ve had precious few of those. I’m talking about times when only a miracle could win the day. And it has happened over and over. I could tell you stories about a devastating proposal, a likely court verdict, or an unlikely vote. Sometimes our victory literally came down to one person’s action—or inaction. Often the tide turned miraculously at the last possible moment.

Just one example is what has become a “saga” to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Just a few years ago, thanks to swift action by volunteers, the Obama administration walked away from a failed attempt to gain traction for the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This was a great victory for all of us as we actually shut down Ambassador Susan Rice’s phone lines for two days!

But not to be deterred, the Obama administration proposed ratification for the CRPD. Compared to most other U.N. “rights treaties,” it was relatively new and unknown. It has a nice sounding title, there was very little research about its content, and no efforts existed to educate elected officials—or the public—about the dangers it posed to American citizens.

In reality, the CRPD has the same “best interest” standard as the CRC treaty we blocked. This legal rule makes government bureaucrats (working to impose U.N. standards), and not parents, ultimately responsible for the decisions for the upbringing of any child!

Our opponents had every political advantage. They scheduled a Senate hearing and vote close together, giving us little time to organize against it.

In a meeting last July, a trusted friend and ally declared that he believed we had been out-flanked; there was no way the CRPD could be defeated. But by the grace of God and through the incredible support and involvement of heroes like you, 16 months later it is still not law in the United States!

And now, because of our expanding influence, is able to reinforce our liberties and build new “walls of protection” around parental rights where they were previously exposed and vulnerable.

In 2013, we helped three more states secure “fundamental parental rights” in state law. Nineteen new states are possible targets for 2014, including several where we already have sponsors. And in the next 12 months, we have a good opportunity to get a committee vote on the Parental Rights Amendment in the U.S. House. I’m presently working with the Judiciary Committee chairman to schedule a hearing, hopefully for mid-spring. To get as far as we have is encouraging. But winning a committee vote will put us ahead by leaps and bounds.

Each of these initiatives is an important piece of our plan to advance our cause and empower parents to protect and care for their children. Each victory for us creates one more setback for those who think government matters more than parents.

As you may know, is completely supporter-financed. Amazingly, the majority of our donations are between $10 and $100. In light of what we’ve been blessed to accomplish, this has taught us not to underestimate the impact of even a modest gift to our cause!

By standing with me and, you can invest in the very foundation and future of the liberty of our nation.

I feel very free to ask people to give to because I personally don’t draw any salary or expenses from the organization. Every bit goes toward the work to pass the Parental Rights Amendment and our related initiatives to protect children and parents.

I also don’t mind telling you that in our current economy it’s very challenging to keep steady and reliable funding. This year – and I know you will understand this - while we’ve actually received more donations for than last year, the average dollar amount per gift has been less. As a result, total funding is down in this critical time.

If I can count on your generous support in the next few weeks, it will significantly improve our financial strength and my ability to plan for the next year’s strategic efforts.

As it is, we run a tight but effective operation at Between our skilled staff and many volunteers across the country, we have strategically positioned ourselves time and again to have a big impact for our size!

Our national campaign operates on a budget smaller than many congressional campaigns – and that is dwarfed by some of our opponents. The three top organizations who resist efforts like ours have combined annual operating budgets of more than $1.8 billion. We cannot ignore opponents of such size, and we must fight fire with fire.

But the good news is that we don’t have to out-fundraise them to win! Because of the compelling nature of our cause, has already beaten them in several state encounters. We succeed because most Americans – 93 percent, polls show – share our position. We just have to mobilize the potential support we already have.

Because of what’s at stake, my staff and I have set our biggest goal yet: to raise $100,000 for in January to start the new year off right! I admit this will be a challenge—only once before did we raise that much in a month. But if enough can give even a few dollars, we can easily achieve this goal.

As awareness of grows with our success, it is increasingly important that we bring in enough contributions to fund our annual budget and specific initiatives. Your gift today will help provide with essential funding as we charge into 2014. is the only organization taking a stand exclusively to preserve parental rights! You and I are doing something that nobody else will do. It’s up to us, so we have to make sure we win.

I’m very excited about the opportunities we have to defend liberty in 2014. If we hope to turn the cultural tide in favor of our cherished freedoms, we must continue to allow parents to be in the business of raising future leaders.

Please, if you’re able, consider making a high-impact, year-launching investment in in the next few weeks – by January 31.

Our mission is to protect children by empowering parents. Only by doing so can you and I empower the next generation to protect America’s future. Your generous year-end or year-launching gift will help build a firm constitutional foundation for parents and their children—the very people I trust the most to preserve America’s liberty.


Michael Farris

P.S. Please help me raise $100,000 to get off to a great start in 2014! By helping preserve parental rights, you are protecting the foundation of American liberty. I hope you will consider making a generous year-end gift today. Only by working together can we protect parents’ God-given rights for the next generation.
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