Thursday, January 23, 2014

What the Heck is a Dog Book? in the Legal Arena

A DogBook is a document for lawyers to use in Family Court (554 pages). However, there are many great “check lists” that may be very helpful to the members in our group.

You can Download a pdf copy of this at>> (Please note, and depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take a bit to download. Please be patient.)

The Introduction to this document, which was created in CA, gives a little history about the DogBooks creation:

Courtroom binders containing case law and reference material have been a staple of civil and criminal litigators for generations. In Cali­fornia, several district attorney and public defender offices share the urban legend that one of their attorneys pasted a picture of his or her dog on the cover of the binder. For years, attorneys commonly referred to these binders as “dogbooks.”  

If this is not enough reading material, perhaps one might want to download the “Judges’ bench books for their state? (Please note, I have a few more states to add to the NFPCAR website) Link to index>>

Intro to this Web Page:
Just a Thought

Judge Leonard Edwards wrote an article for the Judges Page on the National CASA website where he says that judges need to stop rubber stamping these cases and enforce the "Reasonable Efforts" requirement, but they are afraid a "No Reasonable Efforts" ruling could cost their state millions of dollars.  There is also at least one Judges Bench Book (California) that is referred to as "The Smoking Gun" because it very clearly states that the courts MUST rule during the initial hearing (after removal) that it is contrary to the best interest of the child to be returned home, otherwise the state is NEVER eligible for federal funding.  You can see it for yourself at on pages 2, 3 and 13.


But, again, with all the GUIDANCE, why can’t those in our Legal System get it right??

  • One concern is that those in legal power are overloaded and your day in court may be say 15 minutes tops.. Another reason why one has to get to their legal concerns as precise and clear as possible. .. 
what is Proof and what is fluff?
Whether you seek a lawyer, or are brave enough to go Pro Se, you MUST be organized before you step into the legal arena. the guidance for Lawyers is called a Dog Book, but for you, let's call it Your Law Book.

Here are comments on>> Reason for Law Book. It is an excerpt from:
"Standing in the Shadow of Law "
Many don't realize that we are a Republic and Not a Democracy. In choosing such a direction, we, as a Nation chose to create laws/statutes to govern ourselves.
So, I certainly hate to be the Bad Guy, but "Ignorance of the law is No Excuse". Read More>>
And, if the Child Protective agency becomes involved??
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,GranPa Chuck
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