Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can MORE Training Really Increase the Efficiency of the Child Protective AGENCY Employees?

Came across this Graph the other day and thought it was most interesting.

Have reviewed many of the States' Recommendations when the Child Protective AGENCY is reviewed for their Performances. One of the MOST common recommendations is that:
  • We must have more TRAINING for our employees so they can do a Better Job to:
       1. Protect our Children and Prevent the Evils of child abuse and neglect.
 Yes, preventing child abuse is a goal for all of us. However, this graph is about your IQ... And unless I am mistaken it is pretty hard to change one's IQ no matter how much training, education, etc. there is.

So check out this graph and see where Social Workers fall upon this chart. Hey, I didn't create this data. But, if you want to check out the source, go here:

Average IQ of students by
college major and gender ratio

By Randy Olson
June 25, 2014

So there you have it. 

BTW if you are a Parent, who has been allegedly accused of Child Abuse and have been or are involved with the Child Protective AGENCY, take a moment and complete this Survey>> Learn More
About this Survey
  • The Primary Purpose of the Survey Project is to determine the "Communication" between the AGENCY, and others involved when one is accused of alleged child abuse. 
    • Many of us believe that there is a severe lack of communication as outlined in the very Statutes, Policies and Procedures, and those in the Agency, courts, etc. are not following.
  • By no means should anyone deny that there is true child abuse. However, it is vital that when one is accused of child abuse, we all have the right to speak up and be heard and listened to and/or given guidance in the many challenges that come with raising a family.
    Thanks and be that "One Small Voice",
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    When One Deals with the Child Protective AGENCY>>Learn More
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

UPDATE: Parents Survey when faced with the Child Protective AGENCY.

Goals: Child Protective AgencyIn just a few short weeks, many in their States are becoming part of this Survey Project, and we Thank You.

We currently don't have a large staff at this time to get the states Online, but here is where we are Today:
When One Deals with the Child Protective AGENCY
Take the Parent Survey NOW>>
~ AZCA ~ FL~ HI ~ IA ~ NV  ~ WA
ACTIVE State Teams' Survey Home Page> ~ AZ ~ CA ~
FL~ HI ~ IA ~ NV  ~ WA

So why aren't you part of a Team in Your State?
Please note: The priority of setting up a state for the Survey Project is based on those who have an interest in the Project.. Minimum is 2.. But come on, we need many more in Our State Teams.

We have NO Leaders~
Just Dedicated and Creative TEAM Members

So fill out this contact form>>> Contact Form

Why is the Team Approach Vital?

Note: At this time we are taking our time towards the Development. But do fill out the contact form, as a possible State Survey Team Member. Could call this survey a Sleeping Giant
Fourth Amendment  Entering Home Recording_Worker  Recording_Parents

Our State to State homepage>>
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Parents: Be that “One Small Voice” and Share your Opinions when Faced with the Child Protective AGENCY

Starting in Early May, 2014, a group of Family Advocates came together and thought it would be useful to create an “Initial” Survey to primarily see if:
·         A Parent was accused of Child Abuse

·         If the AGENCY, Lawyers, Judges, etc. where sharing

·         The Right a Parent had to properly defend themselves.

Yes, there is Real Child Abuse… And those that do such to Our Children, should be punished accordingly. (Noting that even those in the AGENCY abuse children, when they are bound to Protect them. Sad, Yes?)

However, for even creating the AGENCY some 40 years ago, they were given these main tasks:

1.  Protect Children;

2.  Strengthen Families

Has this been done?  AND  Have parents had the opportunity to Share their Opinion?

Parents ~ Be that “One Small Voice”
And Take this Survey OR Check Back when a survey comes to your state.
We are creating Surveys state by state.
Here is our Progress as of Today:
ACTIVE State Teams' Survey Home Page> ~ FL~ HI ~ IA ~ NV ~ WA
Soon to Be ACTIVE States>> AZ ~ CA ~MA ~ MD ~ OH ~ OR ~ SC ~ TX

Want to Become a Member of the State Team for further Development in Your State??
We have NO Leaders~
Just Dedicated and Creative TEAM Members
Thanks for reviewing this information.
Any comments would be Super.

Remember- If you don't know your Rights,
You have NONE
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
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