Monday, February 27, 2012

Control Corrupt Courts!!

Below is one of the many emails received from Jurisdictionary .  To many as a legal figurehead are acting in "The Color of Law"

( email from Authore of"How to Win" Step-by-Step Self-Help Course )

Control Corrupt Courts!

Instead of writing a long Tips & Tactics newsletter this week, I thought I'd show you how to control corrupt courts!

You won't believe me, but most lawyers (and nearly all law school professors) don't have a clue what it takes to win in the real world.
That's right!

Law school teaches all sorts of things ... but not how to control judges nor how to overcome scheming tricks of crooked lawyers!

Law school is not the real world. Most professors never practiced law. Moreover, to keep their jobs they must be too politically correct to teach law students how some judges are biased or corrupt and how to overcome the scheming tricks of crooked lawyers.

What law students learn in law school is legal theory and the fundamentals required to pass the Bar Exam ... not much practical knowledge!
Theory doesn't win lawsuits.
You need to win your lawsuit!
Learn from Jurisdictionary step-by-stepYou need to know what's important, what's not, and how to focus your energy where it belongs: getting court orders!
Most lawyers never learn this:
  • All the posturing, big words, flamboyant behavior, lapel-thumbing, courtroom strutting accomplishes nothing!
  • The only thing that matters is the ink flowing from a judge's pen when he signs court orders.
  • You must know how to control corrupt judges and overcome crooked lawyers. You must be able to re-direct the judge's bias and the lawyers' sneaky tricks!
  • There's a reason why lawyer jokes proliferate.
  • There's a reason why so many complain about high-minded, high-handed judges who ignore the law.
  • Political correctness prevents justice!
  • Winning lawsuits is a brutal, no-holds-barred, axe fight!
Jurisdictionary is your axe!
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  Another Great Document for Your Library--Now Available
"Standing in the Shadow of the Law", 4th Ed.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

US Constitution - A Timeless Document

For those who haven't really studied the US Constitution, here is an indexed pdf of the Timeless Document>>
BTW, it is only 19 Pages, including index.
Unlike the reams of statutes..both state and fed.
Although not in our US Constitution, I find it amazing and yes sometimes amusing by the many debates when God was inserted in our pledge of allegiance. One certainly wouldn't want to put "Under Government"?? Look where we are today in the Trust of Our Government. May you find Strength in Your Higher Power.

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Legal Online Self Help

As technology progresses, the need for lawyers may continue to decrease.
Much of the advice they would give is now free on blogs and many documents they would fill out can be prepared from a document preparation website by those with paralegal certification. While the cost of law school continues increasing, this can be very unsettling information for many students. 
If you don't know Your Rights, You have None.
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Just a Thought>> According to the National Inflation Association (NIA)  titled: "College Bubble Set to Burst in 2011" They made an interesting statement about lawyers: "The artificially high incomes of lawyers are made possible entirely by inflation, which steals the wealth from hard working goods producing middle-class Americans and transfers it to those who add no real value to society."

Self Help Sites
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Recommended  Documents for Your Library
There is really no "One" document that can be recommended since each one given below has a slightly different purpose. However, "knowledge is power" and the more you learn about our legal system, the more you will be able to Defend Yourself, with or without a Lawyer.
  • Sui Juris- THE TRUTH IN THE RECORD A Process for The People to Access the Courts.Sui Juris: of his own right; authority; possessing full social and civil rights; having capacity to manage one's own affairs. The Truth in the Record: Lawful Due Process. A court is a place to make a Public Record. A Plaintiff, a Defendant, a neutral judge to a jury decision, in all cases Constitutionally protected. (Note: The following is for "Educational Purposes Only". It is against Copyright Policies to sell this publication. Any infringment of this policy will be appropriately applied. This information was taken from . A pdf file was created, for offline use, and nothing has been changed.)
  • Standing in the Shadow of Law  An instructional manual of preventative and protective measures to help protect against and prepare for legal actions against you as a Foster, Adoptive, or Biological Parent. A road map, if you will, for the legal maneuverings  and allegations brought toward you as a Parent and/or those children you have a protective/parenting obligation to. To know and protect your rights and, if necessary, to organize your own case in a professional manner should there be a legal encounter for either you or the children. See What others have said about "Standing in the Shadow of Law" Go Now 
  • Black's Law Dictionary (1st and 2nd Edition)- is the most widely used law dictionary in the United States. It was founded by Henry Campbell Black. It is the reference of choice for definitions in legal briefs and court opinions and has been cited as a secondary legal authority in many U.S. Supreme Court cases. The latest editions, including abridged and pocket versions, are useful starting points for the layman or student when faced with an unfamiliar legal word. (Note: For Historical Purposes, is a scanned copy of the 1st and 2nd edition of Black's Law Dictionary. The following is for "Educational Purposes Only". It is against Copyright Policies to sell this publication. Any infringment of this policy will be appropriately applied. This information was taken from . A pdf file was created, for offline use, and nothing has been changed. (Note: a very large file and will take a bit to download.
  • The Jurisdictionary Course-"Affordable 24-Hour Course Explains All ... Step-by-Step Simplifies Lawsuit Procedure, Evidence, and Tactics Have a Lawyer? ... Know What SHOULD Be Done Don't Have a Lawyer? ... Know What YOU Must Do Thousands Have Won with Our Step-by-Step Course You Will Learn How to Win ... In Just 24 Hours Created by an Attorney with 23 Years of Experience." (1)
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