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Protect Yourself From Lawyers

Below is one of the many emails received from Jurisdictionary .  In this discussion, I encourage everyone to keep this point in mind:

Good people should never lose in our courts ... whether they can afford a lawyer or not!

( From "How to Win" Step-by-Step Self-Help Course )

... Especially Your Own Who is Taking Your Money!
  • If you're like most people, you don't have a clue what it takes to win a lawsuit.
  • If you have a lawyer, you don't have a clue what your lawyer should be doing or how you might get involved in your case to reduce legal fees and costs.
  • If you don't have a lawyer, you go to court blindfolded, with one had tied behind your back!
  • If you hire a lawyer, you pay the lawyer, tell the lawyer about your problem, leave your problem with the lawyer, take your chances, and hope for the best!
There IS another way!
A nice lady contacted us for help. Her lawyer promised to file an appeal after the court ruled against her. The lawyer never filed! The deadline to file ran out. Her winnable case is lost forever!

A nice man paid his lawyer $60,000. No discovery was done. No evidence was uncovered. The case was lost. His $60,000 bought absolutely nothing!

Too often people hire lawyers who are afraid to stand up to arrogant judges, too timid to press opponents for evidence, unwilling to fight tooth-and-nail for rights the lawyer promised to protect, or simply bailing out at the last moment, leaving their clients to fight their legal battles alone. Perhaps you know good people who suffered at the hands of their own lawyers. If so, we'd like to hear from you. Send your stories to:

Legal malpractice is on the rise, yet most people have no idea how to stop it, whether it's a crooked lawyer on the other side or your own lawyer!

People who pay lawyers, instead of going pro se, frequently end up holding the bag when the lawyer they hire bails our or wimps out, so they lose and never know why!

Good people should never lose in our courts ... whether they can afford a lawyer or not!
But, the vast majority don't know where to turn to find out for themselves what it takes to win ... whether they go pro se without a lawyer or dig into their life's savings to pay someone to represent them.

And, far too many good people rely on stupid ideas offered by amateurs who send out emails or hold weekend seminars. Not wise!

Jurisdictionary  was created by a lawyer with more than a quarter-century of case-winning experience controlling judges and lawyers with nothing more than a common-sense knowledge of the Rules of Court and how to use them!

Only YOU can protect yourself from lawyers!
There is NO SUBSTITUTE for knowing what it takes to win ... whether you can afford the most expensive legal team or barely afford to put food on your family's table.
It's easy to learn how to win with Jurisdictionary!

Jurisdictionary shows you what needs to be done and makes it easy-to-understand - whether you do it yourself as a pro se or hire a lawyer to do it for you.
You'll know how pleadings and motions should be drafted. You'll know what must be done to force the other side to produce evidence. You'll know the objections that must be made when the opposition tries to trick you with legalese or smoke-and-mirrors tactics.

You'll know what it takes to keep judges honest ! ! !
Without the easy-to-learn Jurisdictionary lawsuit self-help course, you're at the mercy of the lawyer on the other side, you're at the mercy of the judge and, if you have a lawyer, you're at the mercy of your very own lawyer!
Without Jurisdictionary knowledge, you needlessly risk losing!
Don't become another sad lawsuit story! There are far too many already!
Let Jurisdictionary show you how easy it is to know what it takes to win!
  • If you must hire a lawyer you'll know what should be done. You won't pay for incompetence or laziness. You won't let your own lawyer cheat you! You'll know how to demand the effective legal services you're paying for!
  • If you can't afford a lawyer, you'll know how to force the court to protect your rights and the rights of those you love by enforcing the Rules of Court!

It's easy with the affordable 24-hour Jurisdictionary course.

Learn how to control the court -- step-by-step ... in just 24 hours!
Go to to learn more!
  • Forward this Tips & Tactics to your friends. They'll thank you for it.
  • Winners know how to control the court using the official Rules of Court!
BE A WINNER ... Learn how to use the Rules of Court to win!
If you don't yet know what we teach, you cannot imagine how much fun it is to force people to do what's right ... even when they don't want to!

You have POWER TO CONTROL JUDGES once you know what the course explains so clearly an 8th grader can learn it all in just 24 hours!

What do you have to lose?
Losers believe in fables and get their legal education at the barbershop or expensive weekend seminars or websites run by people who never practiced law, never went to law school, and don't know mud from sand about the Rules of Court or how to use those rules to control judges.
Jurisdictionary IS what it takes to win!
Knowing how to use the Rules of Court to control lawyers and judges really does work!
Protect yourself!
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