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If you know of anyone being, or who was pressured to plea bargain, or who turned down a plea deal only to get wrongfully convicted and zapped with a long prison sentence, please let him or her know about this initiative by 2 NFOJA sister organizations: PLEA FOR JUSTICE PROGRAM (P4J)
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Here is a Great Starting Point:
The Child Welfare Information Gateway has been creating State Summaries on Particular Concerns. Below are some of these summaries. Will be listing more as they become available or updated.
Note:Summaries from other Sources may also be added.
Note: When you click on View, this is introductory information comparing states. To see the State Statute Summaries, you need to Download the PDF file. (Note: Will be taken directly to Agency page and dates of updates may be newer than shown on this page.)
Download PDF File of ALL Introductions to Summaries (Rev. 2 -- 02/04/2013)
Adoption ~ Best Interest of the Child ~ Case Planning ~ Child Abuse & Neglect ~ Child Welfare Law & Policy ~ Central Registry ~ Conflict of Interest Domestic Violence ~ Emancipation ~ False Allegations ~ Family Preservation ~ Fathers ~ Foster Care Givers ~ Guardianship ~ Immunity ~ Infant ~ Mandatory Reporters ~ Parental Drug Abuse ~ Permanency ~ Placement with Relatives ~ Reasonable Efforts ~ Reinstatement of Parental Rights ~ Reunification ~ State Guides & Manuals Search ~ Termination of Parental Rights
Did You Know??
The ORIGINAL intent of even creating a Governmental Agency
for Our Children & Families was to:
1)Protect Children &
2) Strengthen Families
When are the Sheeple going to realize that Strenthening Families can actually Prevent Child Abuse??
Note: You may find, when searching on "single" criteria, 0 results may show up. A hint that perhaps many issues still haven't be addressed in many states?
A Great Law Index from>>

Families & Children, our most important resource we have in Our Nation, if not the World


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Audit in TX-from Child Welfare Information Gateway-June Pubs.

Child Welfare Information Gateway
Auditing our Welfare Agencies seems to be the Big Buzz Word.. So do check out the Audit Reports for Texas given below.
June 17, 2013
Dear State Resources Subscriber,

Below is a list of new publications that were added to Child Welfare Information Gateway Library in May
Title: An Audit Report on Child Protective Services Funding, Direct Delivery Staff, and Disproportionality Efforts at the Department of Family and Protective Services.
Author(s): Keel, John.
Published: 2013
Abstract: The State Auditor's Office audited the Department of Family and Protective Services (Department) to determine whether the Department maximized and spent funds for caseworkers in ...

Title: Pathways to Mental Health Services: Core Practice Model Guide.
Published: 2013

Abstract: The purpose of the Core Practice Model (CPM) Guide is to provide practical guidance and direction for county child welfare and mental health agencies, other ...

Title: An Audit Report on Caseload and Staffing Analysis for Child Protective Services at the Department of Family and Protective Services.
Author(s): Keel, John.
Published: 2013
Abstract: The Department of Family and Protective Services' (Department) competitive starting salaries for Child Protective Services (CPS) caseworkers and its recruitment strategies helped it hire 1,704 ...

Title: Permanency Planning and Family-Based Alternatives Report in Response to S.B. 368, 77th Legislature, Regular Session, 2001, Submitted to the Governor and the Texas Legislature, January 2013.
Published: 2013

Abstract: With the passage of S.B. 368, 77th Legislature, Regular Session, 2001, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) was charged with monitoring child (defined ...

Title: Guidelines for Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers for Health Care and Behavioral/Mental Health Services.
Published: 2012

Abstract: In a continuing effort meet the health needs of children in care, DHS has partnered with Michigan Department of Community Health to ensure that department ...

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All of these publications are in the Child Welfare Information Gateway Library along with publications on similar child welfare topics. The Library can be searched here:

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