Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Law Project

The Law Project
is to be part of the “Justice in America Network T.V. Series”. 

Learn about that and other exciting developments, including our expanding administrative staff, by visiting the new portal to:

National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA),
POPULAR (Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored), and
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Here is a Great Starting Point:
The Child Welfare Information Gateway has been creating State Summaries on Particular Concerns. Below are some of these summaries. Will be listing more as they become available or updated.
Note:Summaries from other Sources may also be added.
Note: When you click on View, this is introductory information comparing states. To see the State Statute Summaries, you need to Download the PDF file. (Note: Will be taken directly to Agency page and dates of updates may be newer than shown on this page.)
Download PDF File of ALL Introductions to Summaries (Rev. 2 -- 02/04/2013)
Adoption ~ Best Interest of the Child ~ Case Planning ~ Child Abuse & Neglect ~ Child Welfare Law & Policy ~ Central Registry ~ Conflict of Interest Domestic Violence ~ Emancipation ~ False Allegations ~ Family Preservation ~ Fathers ~ Foster Care Givers ~ Guardianship ~ Immunity ~ Infant ~ Mandatory Reporters ~ Parental Drug Abuse ~ Permanency ~ Placement with Relatives ~ Reasonable Efforts ~ Reinstatement of Parental Rights ~ Reunification ~ State Guides & Manuals Search ~ Termination of Parental Rights
Did You Know??
The ORIGINAL intent of even creating a Governmental Agency
for Our Children & Families was to:
1)Protect Children &
2) Strengthen Families
When are the Sheeple going to realize that Strenthening Families can actually Prevent Child Abuse??
Note: You may find, when searching on "single" criteria, 0 results may show up. A hint that perhaps many issues still haven't be addressed in many states?
A Great Law Index from>>

Families & Children, our most important resource we have in Our Nation, if not the World