Monday, December 8, 2014

You Must SPEAK Up to Remain SILENT??

Many may say WTHeck, this makes no sense?

This particular blog is in relation to exactly that, and more specifically when the 
Child Protective AGENCY comes "Knocking at your Door"
Included thoughts are:
  • Supreme Court Decision
  • Recent case where children removed from an alleged "Messy" home.
  • Litigation through Civil Suits
And, yes, for my family, the Child Protective Team, a few months ago, came knocking at our
door based on a False Allegation. We mentioned the Fourth Amendment Case closed Next Day. But some families aren't as fortunate and forced to sue those in Power for their actions.

Supreme Court Decision
Major Point: "The Court held that unless and until the suspect actually stated that he was relying on that right, his subsequent voluntary statements could be used in court and police could continue to interact with (or question) him. The mere act of remaining silent was, on its own, insufficient to imply the suspect has invoked his or her rights. Furthermore, a voluntary reply even after lengthy silence could be construed as implying a waiver..." Read More

"Messy" home
Major Point: "The judge ruled against the officers, stating,
The State has not offered sufficient, if indeed any, evidence of an exception that would justify a warrantless entry." Read More

Litigation through Civil Suits
Major Point: Perhaps one of the Best Examples of Litigation through Civil Suits was a litigation of the creation of "Warrant Training for Child Protective AGENCY Workers". Result of a Civil Suit in one county in California, and now spreading to other counties... And perhaps one can get this in your state??
  • Here is the Slide Share presentation of this training>> Check it Out
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