Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seven Forms of Judicial Accountability

Just sharing an email from Zena Crensha, NFOJA Co-Adminstrator
Perhaps a KEY thought to this email:
National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA) is not on the frontlines of judicial elections -vs- merit selection debates. But NFOJA is one of very few groups suggesting that private citizens have a constitutional right to oversee state judicial disciplinary processes. It is our belief that the kind of citizen oversight that NFOJA proposes is among the rights reserved to the people by our U.S. Constitution.

If you like some of these thoughts, may want to consider joining this group??
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~eMail of 05/29/12
Kindly consider our chart setting out the seven (7) basic forms of or avenues to judicial accountability. These are the ways that judges may be held accountable for judicial acts.

As you can see, there is a cluster of people in the navy blue section for elections; the lime green section for discipline; and the grey section for academic review. These are the areas of judicial accountability that average Americans can or could substantially control.

Are you determined to keep or assert that control? Would you believe that many good government advocates do little to protect or enhance that control, even as they fight for increased judicial accountability?!?!?!

Of course, not all of us are part of academia. But we all should be very concerned that across America, the option of judicial elections is being quietly eliminated. To understand why average Americans should be outraged by that development, read Why Merit Selection of State Court Judges Lacks Merit by Matthew Schneider, Volume 56 Wayne L. Rev. 609 (2010)

National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA) is not on the frontlines of judicial elections -vs- merit selection debates. But NFOJA is one of very few groups suggesting that private citizens have a constitutional right to oversee state judicial disciplinary processes. It is our belief that the kind of citizen oversight that NFOJA proposes is among the rights reserved to the people by our U.S. Constitution.

Imagine the impact of judges knowing their conduct on the bench may be evaluated by trained, randomly selected private citizens as opposed to judicial colleagues or other institutional actors or even hand-picked private citizens. Such is the goal of NFOJA’s proposed “Citizen Panels On Judicial Misconduct Act”. Such appears to be the mandate of our U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment and the rights it reserves to We the People.

You may not do most of your activism through NFOJA, but please encourage others to join; become an active part of our online networks; and consider becoming an active NFOJA member.

Thank you.

Zena Crenshaw-Logal and
Dr. Andrew D. Jackson
NFOJA Co-Adminstrators

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your #1 Right!

  Become an Advocate for Yourself to protect Your Precious Family

Note: Whether you have a lawyer or not, you must be prepared even before you go to court.
If involved with the Child protect agency, here are some related References:

We all talk about our "rights".
Many complain how our "rights" are being taken away.

A few are ready to fight-and-die to protect our "rights".
But few know what is their #1 Right!
In fact, the main reason we're losing so many of our rights these days is precisely because so few know their #1 Right!
That's right! (No pun intended.)

Ask yourself this, "What good are "rights" that can't be enforced?"

Your #1 Right is the right to know how to enforce your rights!
  • Yet, government isn't telling you!
  • Your tax-supported schools aren't teaching your children.
  • Lawyers certainly aren't leaking their money-making secrets to the public.
An old adage says, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse," yet neither government nor the legal profession has at any time in the history of the world made any genuine effort to teach the public how justice is secured in courts. Nothing about the rules of evidence. Nothing about the rules of procedure. Nothing about how to use the rules to get Justice! Nothing!

Without your #1 Right (or tens of thousands of dollars to pay lawyers to secure your rights for you) what good are government's empty promises?
Indeed, if you don't know how to enforce your rights, do you really have any?
Do you really?
Think carefully!
Rights without knowledge to enforce them are just empty promises, like carrots on a stick to get us to work hard and keep the economy going for the well-to-do who can afford lawyers to fight for them!
  • You and your children have been lied to long enough!
  • The legal profession cannot hide your #1 Right any longer!
  • Your blindfold is coming off!
  • Your #1 Right is easy-to-learn!
Your #1 Right is the right to know how to enforce your rights!
It's easy to learn how to enforce your rights in court ... without a lawyer!

You can learn in a single weekend what it takes to obtain court orders that command sheriffs and federal marshals to protect and enforce your rights!

Read Luke 11:52 in your Bible to discover how long the wool has been pulled over the public's eyes by lawyers who've been running the world far too long by purposely keeping you in the dark so lawyers can get rich at your expense!

Exercise your #1 Right!
In just 24 hours you can learn how to use the power of courts to get justice for yourselves and those you love, for your neighbors, for the world!

The affordable Jurisdictionary step-by-step self-help course will give you the powerful keys of lawsuit knowledge lawyers have hidden from you for thousands of years.
Another Great Document for Your Library--Now Available
"Standing in the Shadow of the Law", Special Ed.
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck


Monday, May 21, 2012

Justice on Trial ! ! !

If you don't know your rights. You have none.

Sure, we have problems.

  Become an Advocate for Yourself to protect Your Precious Family 

(Other Tips and Topics)( From "How to Win in Court" Course )Jurisdictionary
It's impossible not see how our American Way of Life is threatened with
Traditional American values of self-reliance, hard work, honesty in business, and genuine patriotism that works to promote liberty by working for justice are still the only protection we have for ourselves and our children.
Individual rights will continue to disappear ... if we do nothing.
You don't need more paranoid warnings or insane legal theories that don't work!
  • You need to learn how to FIX what's wrong.
  • You need to learn how to FORCE your leaders to do what's right.
  • You need to learn how to RESTORE the American Dream for yourself, your children, and future generations.
Complaining about a fox in the hen house doesn't do a thing for the poor defenseless chickens. Yet, day-after-day I receive dozens of emails from well-meaning people who think pointing their fingers at the problems and urging their friends to recognize the problems will somehow magically make the problems go away.
Once you learn how to force the courts.
There is hope for those willing to FIGHT SMART!
My in-box is flooded every day (and more of late) by folks I call pseudo patriots who insist the end is near. They may be well-meaning, and the points they make are often valid, but they aren't offering any practical solutions!
'Tain't so!

If you want the fox out of the hen house, and voting at the polling booth now-and-then doesn't seem to be making much of a change for the better, then it's time to  
get your pen and start putting ink on paper!
Ooops! Did you expect me to suggest violence? Not a chance. That's not what America is all about. We are a people (or, at least, we once were) dedicated to order, due process, and a peaceful resolution to our difficulties.
That means ink on paper!
Complaining gets us nowhere, unless we complain with a "Complaint" filed at the local courthouse - 'cause that does wonders when it's done properly.

If you don't believe me, look at the world around you and see for yourself how much of what we have today (good and bad) resulted from the decisions of courts.

The pseudo patriots have only bad news and wacky ideas about how to fix our problems ... ideas that are putting quite a few people behind bars, I might add.
I have good news!
We live in an age of opportunity such as the world has never seen before. When I entered the practice of law nearly a quarter-century ago, we didn't have computers to do on-line legal research. If we had a legal problem, there was only one solution: hire a lawyer. And, if you are like I was 30 years ago, you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to pay some lawyer who may end up dropping the ball or screwing your life up because of his or her stupid incompetence, laziness, or fear of the judge. Back then, it was either pay through the nose ... or lose!
That was before Jurisdictionary.

Our very way of life is on trial. If "We the People" do not learn how to put ink on paper and take advantage of the power of our courts, we may soon be looking back at the "good old days" and wishing we'd done what we could while there was time to do it right.

Meanwhile, instead of encouraging you to learn the rules of court and how to use them to Restore the Republic the "right way" (abiding by the principles of our democratic republic) the pseudo patriots are leading many of you down a path to certain destruction. They are so busy finding fault while teaching their idiotic ideas about how greedy people can escape justice by claiming nonsense defenses, that good people like you are confused about where to turn for the "right way" to get justice.
We are a nation of laws!
True patriots work with wisdom to control corrupt judges and legislators to change bad laws, instead of trying to find novel ways to get around the law for their own advantage.
True patriots seek justice according to the rules!

Today's pseudo patriots have lost their way. Don't let them turn you from the "right way" with their proclamations of doom or confuse you into trying to win in court by saying you are not WHO YOU ARE if your name is in all capital letters, or any of the similar nonsense they sell.
We can turn this nation around if we work together!
We can force judges to follow the rules. We can turn crooked lawyers out-on-their-ear! We can overcome even the most powerful opponent the "right way", peaceably, according to law and order - instead of being "outlaws" trying to wiggle out of our troubles with stupid tricks.

If it weren't so easy to learn the official rules there'd be no hope for us. But, it IS EASY to learn the rules and how to use them to force people in powerful positions to do what's right!

The pseudo patriots are so obsessed with the admittedly serious problems we face at this hour they do not see that the solution is already in our own hands: The Law!

We can put the law to work the "right way", using the "official rules" that overcome corrupt judges and defeat crooked lawyers and make justice possible for anyone of average intelligence willing to make an effort to learn how the legal game is played to win!
We must all stop staring at the darkness and lift the lamp of liberty and justice while there is yet time!
Pseudo patriots find fault with America and her system of law and order, but that's all they do.
The only answer pseudo patriots offer is to "spread the word", as if telling everyone what's wrong will magically make things right once again!

It is madness!

They say they are "patriots", but they don't tell you how to save your nation. They're too busy telling you what's wrong, who's at fault, and how ugly things will be when their terrible predictions come true.
Their message is all negative!
And, when they do offer their theories about what it takes to get justice, their theories are nothing short of lunacy!
  • Fringe on the courtroom flag
  • Name in all caps isn't them
  • Copyrighting their own name
  • Even disavowing their citizenship!
The list is nearly endless ... and totally insane!
The power to control corrupt government officials, crooked banks, and anyone else who violates the law contrary to our American Principles IS IN THE COURTS!
Learn how to use it!

Recommended References 
by GPC Publications
owledge is Power

 Jurisdictionary ~ Standing in the Shadow of Law ~ Sui Juris: The Truth is In the Record
Note: All three references are very informative. However, each are slightly different in content: 

  • "Jurisdictionary" is most informative in explaining and guiding one in most court situations. 
  • "Standing in the Shadow of Law" concentrates on Administrative Hearings. 
  • "Sui Juris" has undertones of Common Law. But, in common, all state the importance of organizing the Who, What, When, and Where of your particular situation, and guide you to how to research the related statutes, policies and procedures particular to your individual concerns.

Keep in mind, in America, we are a Republic and not a Democracy. With this in mind, we, as a country, agreed to create laws to govern ourselves. Perhaps a reason why many are told:

"If you don't know your rights, you have none."

 Other Thoughts: ~ Power of Team ~ Common Concern

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck

Friday, May 18, 2012

You Can Control Judges

You must learn how to force the judge to see that the appellate courts that can reverse his decisions will reverse his decisions on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor.

Below is one of the many emails received from Jurisdictionary .

Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE!

( email from Author of"How to Win" Step-by-Step Self-Help Course )

You dare not hope to win until you learn what this Tips & Tactics newsletter teaches about controlling trial level judges.

Otherwise, the judge will rule as he pleases, confident you don't know how to get his decisions reversed on appeal.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Hb7RnO69eaw/T5VWkP5FaTI/AAAAAAAAAHM/u9c-Wohv64A/s1600/Truth_Gahndi_2.jpgUnless you follow the step-by-step Jurisdictionary method and force the judge to see he will be reversed on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor, justice will be whatever the judge wants it to be.
Your objective is always to: force the judge to see that the appellate courts that can reverse his decisions will reverse his decisions on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor.
  • Losers miss this point ... and lose!
  • Trial judges are not legal authority!
  • Appellate courts are!
The U.S. Constitution is not controlling law. What appellate courts say the U.S. Constitution means is controlling law.
Statutes are not controlling law. What appellate courts say statutes mean is controlling law.
Only controlling law controls judges.

Appellate court opinions are the legal authority that controls trial level judges!

You may disagree with this. Many do and lose needlessly. I want you to win, but truth is unaffected by what you believe. Only truth is true. Nothing else is. Appellate court opinions are controlling law in this nation and every nation that follows our English system of justice.

Trial judges fear being reversed on appeal. That's what keeps them straight. That's why it's essential to learn how to force the judge in your case to see that the appellate courts that can reverse his decisions will reverse his decisions on appeal if he doesn't rule in your favor.

No trial judge wants an appellate court to publish an official written opinion telling the world he was wrong!

Knowing how to control judges is the secret to winning and is explained step-by-step in my popular 24-hour self-help Jurisdictionary course.
What you believe is controlling law means nothing.
Don't believe me?
Ok. Tell a judge your personal opinions about the law and how he should apply it and rule in your favor. See how far it gets you!

The only opinions that count in court are the published opinions of appellate court justices who stand in judgment of trial level judges and have power to reverse lower court decisions.

This nation (and all others that follow our English justice system) is run by lawyers who sit as justices on appellate courts! The buck stops in court, not at the Whitehouse, Congress, or state legislature. If you believe otherwise, you are mistaken.

Your legal opinions (no matter how clever or persuasive and no matter how many tens of thousands agree with you in emails or on the internet) count for nothing in court.
Controlling judges is what wins lawsuits, and judges are controlled only by appellate court opinions!
Order the case-winning step-by-step Jurisdictionary self-help course now, if you don't already have it, and learn how to control judges ... or lose!

Another Great Site: Legal Online Self Help 
  Another Great Document for Your Library--Now Available
"Standing in the Shadow of the Law", 4th Ed.

 Learn More>> Click Here
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Avoid Jaw-Dropping Legal Bills

Just thought I would share some information from the author listed below. Although the author is directing this information to Business Owners, I feel those raising families may benefit from this information.

We, as Family Advocates and not lawyers, recommend that if you choose to have a lawyer or not that you know the state statutes particular to your concerns. To start your search, here is an index of topics, relating to Family Law>> http://nfpcar.org/States/Summary/index.htm#Key_Terms

How to Avoid Jaw-Dropping Legal Bills | 

Business owners big and small know the sting of attorney fees. Figuring out how to avoid astronomical legal bills might seem impossible. After all, you need lawyers to keep your company on the up and up.
However, that doesn't mean you have to be gouged along the way. Growing a business can be impossible without good cash flow. And high legal bills can delay your expansion.
But fear not, there are things you can do to curb this beast. Here are five tips to keep your lawyer fees to a minimum.
1) Get Estimates for the Scope of Representation
You wouldn't hire a contractor to build a house without asking his fee, so why do that with your lawyer? Whether you need one for a single project or long-term representation, lay out the scope of work needed and find out how much it'll cost.
2) Try to Negotiate a Flat-Fee Agreement
A surefire way to prevent sticker shock is by hiring a lawyer for a flat-fee. While there are some lawyers who won't play ball, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea. You'll eventually be able to find an attorney willing to work with you.
3) Check in Every Week/Month on Your Bill
Much like forest fires, legal bills are at their worst when left alone. Setting a billing cap is an easy way to control them. Requiring your firm to get your permission every time work exceeds a set spending limit will help you cut your bills drastically. And remember to also get regular fee statements.
4) Prep Documents Before You Send Them Off
If someone dropped a mountain of papers on your desk and told you to sort through them, you'd probably be angry. For lawyers, this is like Christmas (the billing part at least, not the actual sorting). You can save yourself a lot of money by finding and organizing your paperwork yourself before sending it off to your attorney.
5) Get an Experienced Specialty Lawyer
This last one might sound like it'll end up costing you more, but the reality is usually the opposite. While new lawyers often charge less, they can also take longer to do the same work as a veteran.
Also, though it might be tempting to retain a big fancy law firm, small boutique firms can be better. Look for one that specializes in your type of business. They can be your answer to figuring out how to avoid jaw-dropping legal bills.
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Another Great Document for Your Library--Now Available
"Standing in the Shadow of the Law", 4th Ed.
 Learn More>> Click Here
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck

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NEW Add to our "Know Your Constitution" web pages

Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Topic
Original Source: http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/cases/topic.htm
Related Reference: Votes by Justices in Recent Landmark Supreme Court Decisions, 1989 to Present

 The decisions in this collection have all been gathered into topical groups. (Many have been listed under several headings.) Clicking on any listed topic will retrieve all opinions classified under it. Instead of or in addition to using these topical groups you can search the entire collection for decisions using particular key words or phrases. (To launch such a search click here.) You can scroll down the topic list or click on one of the following letters to jump directly to that portion of it.
A-B | C-E | F-H | I-L | M-N | O-R | S-U | V-Z
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