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Legal Research - Ignorance is NO Excuse

Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE!

  • Before you read this topic, Legal Research, as a Family Advocate, I recommend:

that you do not wait for others to assist you.
Instead you Must become an advocate for yourself and know the statutes, policies, etc. particular to your concerns to protect your Precious Family. Whether you seek the assistance of a lawyer or not.
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Legal Research
Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE!

( email from Author of"How to Win" Step-by-Step Self-Help Course )


If "ignorance of the law is no excuse" then knowing how to find official law that will decide the outcome of your case is critical to winning!

 Fortunately, the "law of your case" is much simpler than you might imagine and easy to find! Most cases are won or lost on very few "laws", perhaps a single statute and 3-4 appellate court decisions interpreting how that statute applies to the facts.

If you had to go to court 30 years ago, before personal computers and the internet, you'd have to dig through the dismally dry and boring stacks of thousands of look-alike books in a law library (if you could find one nearby). Back then, winning a lawsuit required litigants to spend hour-upon-hour turning dusty pages, pulling down piles of books to spread on the library table next to their yellow pad in what was often a fruitless search for the legal support their arguments needed.

All that has changed, thanks to the internet and competition between legal research sites that is driving the price down to a reasonable level where pretty much anyone who needs to do on-line legal research can afford it.
But, will you know how?
My course materials on legal research include videos showing actual screen-shots of on-line searches so an average 8th grader with reasonable computer skills will be able to find constitutional provisions, statutes, code, and appellate court opinions to support pretty much any legal argument you can think of.
These days it's sooo easy to do legal research on-line ... an average 8th grader can do it!
Instead of digging through thousands of books differing only by the numbers printed on their impressively formidable spines, you can log-on any of the growing number of competent legal databases and, with the flick of a few keyboard fingers find thousands of cases that deal with the issues of your case in seconds!

Google® can get you started ... for free!
But, don't rely on Google® as the final authority. Google® will provide a good start in most cases, but before you go to court to argue how the appellate opinion you found is the final say-so, you need to dig deeper.

My affordable, official, 24-hour step-by-step Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" self-help course explains legal research with examples you can try out for yourself. Once you finish the course you'll know how to find appellate decisions that favor your cause ... and you'll know how to cite them to the court in proper format. You’ll know how to tell the judge why you should win by citing authorities the judge is required by law to obey: court rules, cases, constitutional provisions, statutes and codes.

Clever argument is not enough.
You cannot win without finding and citing the legal authorities that control judges.
Those who don’t know how to find and cite legal authority cannot control judges nor win on appeal so they lose  needlessly!

 In the heat of your lawsuit battles, you can be certain the other side will cite legal authorities favoring his case.

It's essential to winning!
You must do the same thing … if you want to win.
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