Monday, March 19, 2012

Knowing you can Tape May win your case?

Just thought I would share an email of one who came to one of our web sites, Foster Parent Legal Solutions, and Learned that he could Tape a Conversation. Our Affiliation
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Here is his email:
Hi there!
I was on the site and there was a link to your email. I’m not much of a typer so this will be straight to the point and hopefully my actions to save my kids may help someone else save there’s.. I owe it all to for giving me the knowledge and the power within me to stand up to DCFS.

-My girlfriends ex husband in a mediator meeting for their children tells lies about us

-when it was my girlfriends turn to talk to mediator the mediator almost threatened her and brought up DCFS and that she was a mandatory reporter

-DCFS knocks on door the same day but I was at work and she doesn’t answer if I’m not there.

-Called the DCFS agent back the next day which was Saturday and left a Voicemail

-She calls back for a meeting Monday

-She arrives and I do everything wrong just like all first timers. I let them in and we did separate interviews and signed a document that we would go to their counselors but she wouldn’t give me a copy of what I signed

-We go for drug testing and the clinic guy is staring at me,…..I asked him may I help you and he said he had to watch. I said no I’m not a criminal or under probation and I don’t think I could pee with you watching anyways. He said it would count as a dirty test and I said take blood then. He said they don’t do that and I said and I don’t pee in front of guys. I walked out all pissed off as they yelled I was dirty. Called up the agent and she said they don’t do blood tests

-I was freaked out by everything going on and hit the internet all night researching. 
- was my main source of enlightenment
What I did next worked for me.  I don’t know if it would work for everybody but it sure blew the doors of this workers case

-She calls for another meeting and I said hold on… law I have to tell you this conversation is being recorded as will all phone calls and any visits will be videotaped with multiple cameras and listen devices….she said why? And I said I read up on you people and I will not let you run me over and take my kids…’re going to do this my way so everything is on the up and up. She stated she had to talk to her supervisor and she would get back to me.

-About a week later she called my personal reference and he told her at the advice of my attorney this call will be recorded as will all others and she said she couldn’t talk to him and hung the phone up.

-2 weeks later I got a paper in the mail stating that our case was dismissed
It seems she was afraid of the truth