Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fraud Upon the Court - A Few Thoughts

I would take a moment to quote some of the Great Information found on this Blog:
Foster Parents: Did You Know? Information found in this blog are not only useful for Foster Parents, but ALL parents, who are facing the wrath of the Child Protective Agencies.

There are two major topics brought out in this particular post:
  1. Are Social Workers Part of the Court?;
  2. Questions for you when defending yourself
Are Social Workers Part of the Court?
Consider this statement in the blog:
"In order for an officer of the court to enter your home against your will, be it a social worker or police officer, he or she must have a warrant in their hand when they step through the door. If anyone has evidence that you have committed a crime, that evidence must be presented to a judge, while under oath or affirmation, and the judge must decide whether that evidence contains enough "probable cause" for him or her to issue the warrant. The evidence presented to a judge must indicate that you have committed a crime." Here is the Link.
Questions for you when defending yourself
  1. Have you been to court to defend yourself against an allegation?
  2. Did you hear lies in that courtroom?
    Question; does our definition fit the persons testifying in your courtroom, did they commit “fraud on the court? Did they give false information to the court, mislead the court? 
  3. Did you complete your research, copy of your statutes, investigative report, highlighting the things you disagree with, or that were complete lies or exaggerations?
  4. Can you prove these were lies? Then this officer of the court has committed "fraud on the court!"
  • If so you may have grounds for an appeal. Did you know you have only thirty days in most states to file an appeal?
Got your attention?  Thought so. Stay with us. Remember, we are not attorneys, just advocates fighting for you.
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