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"Romeo Misses a Payment" ~ Watch FULL Version NOW

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January 6, 2014- Los Angeles – In light of the new year and hopeful for new beginnings, Aginelo productions is proud to announce Romeo Misses a Payment, a powerful independent film chronicling the fall out of divorce and child custody cases in America, will be offered for free viewing online at http://theromeodocumentary.com/full-movie/ until February 6.
Romeo Misses a Payment showcases the fallout of divorce in America, the inequities involving child custody among low-income groups, and how the current system perpetuates a "one parent household" to the very children that need support the most.  With families being brutally ripped apart and divorce rates skyrocketing, the film begs the question, “Is there a better way?”

Filmmaker Angelo Lobo felt it important to offer the film for mass viewing.
“With the coming of the new year, I’m optimistic that we will begin to see some progress in the family court system and the priority placed again on the family unit,” Lobo said, “and the more people that see what’s actually happening, the better our chances are to affect a change.”

Through never-before-seen footage, Lobo exposes the gaps in America’s divorce system.  Biased custody hearings, parental alienation, fake paternity cases, and the woes of non-custodial parents in low-income brackets are bared in this incendiary but ultimately triumphant film. Seen through the eyes of those affected most, children, parents and extended families, the film also features the expert testimonies of attorneys, judges, and law officers who are caught up in the raging "business" of divorce.

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