Friday, January 3, 2014

Petition: All Elected Officials and in particular, Congress: Create bills that comply

All Elected Officials and in particular, Congress: Create bills that comply

This petition is directed towards all stockholders who knowingly and willfully invest in products and services that violate health and safety in the United States and abroad with US companies or companies that export into the United States for the purpose of profiting without regards to public endangerment.

This petition specifically is addressing the following types of investing in companies known to violate health and safety along with human and civil rights of US citizens and their children:
  1. All medical cartels to include: Pharmaceutical companies et al, doctors and prescribing nurses clinics et al, scientists and their companies who exploit the public and do harm et al, mental health facilities who over-prescribe to persons and prescribe dangerous drugs to children not authorized for children and mental health persons who take "diagnosis orders" from paying state and federal workers.
For the record, we do NOT agree that killing and maiming a percentage is acceptable if a few benefit. We do NOT agree that providing a letter of reprimand is acceptable when scientists neglect to reveal important information regarding a product's effectiveness or danger.
2.   All legal entities that flagrantly commit human and civil rights violations to include gender discrimination, disability discrimination, parental rights violations such as family and dependency courts and any legal group who goes against the public good. We DO NOT agree that family and dependency court should ever be included in a state's constitution.
3.  All corporations who manufacture both here in the US and abroad that violate human rights, cover up indiscretions, do harm to the environment and consequently to the general public plus dictate inferior education standards with tax paid public schools.

Stockholder violations of this nature shall be considered traitorous, an enemy of the state and subject to prosecution and lawsuits at a federal level.

First violation:
$5000 fine, 30 days in jail no plea bargaining

Second violation:
Six months in jail and $50,000 fine with loss of voting priviledges and a loss of stockholder opportunities, no plea bargaining

All elected officials who attempt or refuse to operate under the public good and attempt or support immunity for stockholders who illicit public endangerment through stock investment will be considered an enemy of the state and immediate removal from office and loss of future tax dollar income.
Jan Smith
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Jan Smith

Olympia, WA

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