Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Legal Template of Suing Social Workers-Title 42

This is an example of a case that went to the United States District Court in the Tucson Division of Arizona. The plaintiff, Kathy Vitarelli represented herself “pro se”. She indeed never gave up since it took about 5 years. So for your night time reading, you may want to go over this document.

The primary theme of this document was to sue the Social Workers, using Title 42, And even more important getting her child back. As near as I have learned, there was a settlement the day that this case was scheduled to go to trial.

Yes, one perhaps needs the right form. However, more important one needs to put the right stuff in this form. Perhaps one can use this as a template since there are many legal references throughout this 24 page document. Bottom line, you must organize statutes, policies, documentation, etc. particular to your concerns. As a non-legal term: “Get Your Ducks in Line”. This is true whether you have the assistance of a lawyer or not.

I am not a lawyer, I just like to research and read a lot. But then, I have to tell myself, I’m glad I am not a lawyer, since I do care for each and everyone. But I do know each and everyone needs to become an advocate for themselves. Just as Kathy did by being brave enough to go “pro se”.

I do have the “Text” version of this document.
Although I do not have a subscription to this site, it shows how many steps that were gone through over those 5 years.
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
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