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Your Most Valuable Legal Right ...

I am not a lawyer. Please see this Disclaimer.

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Your Most Valuable Legal Right ...

Of all the "rights" we Americans enjoy, one is much, much more valuable than all the rest!
Your most valuable right.Protester with Sign
The right without which all the rest are useless dreams!
  • Do you know what your most valuable right is?
  • Do you know how you've been denied your most valuable right?
  • Do you know who's been keeping it from you and why?
  • Do you know how to effectively exercise your most valuable right?
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Take a moment and make a list of what you believe are your most important rights - free speech, worship, the press, peaceable assembly? The right to counsel in a criminal case?
  • Life?
  • Liberty?
  • The pursuit of happiness?
All these are fundamental God-given rights our young men and women gave their lives to secure for us.
But what of your most essential right ... the one you've been denied?
Do you know what your most valuable right is, why it's so essential and valuable above all the rest, and why it's been denied and by whom?

Think about it.
  • What can you do when your rights or the rights of your loved ones are violated?
  • What can you do when your rights are abused?
  • What can you do to protect yourself and your family when your rights are trampled?
  • Will the Constitution protect you when your property is seized?
  • Will the Bill of Rights protect you when your church is shut down for promoting ideas contrary to abortion or same-sex "marriage"?
  • Will your "rights" protect you from forced vaccination or unlawful taxes?
  • What can YOU do to exercise YOUR American rights and protect yourself and your family from those who abuse or ignore your individual God-given rights?
March with signs? Write letters to your Congressman?
Take to the streets with torches and pitchforks?
Or do as so many do these days and send emails to tell everyone how unhappy you are with Washington politics?
There is a better way: Exercise your most valuable right!
Learn what your # right is and how to use it effectively!

Demand YOUR rights in court!
That's why the Founders set our nation up with courts, so YOU would have someone to complain to, someone who has the power to enforce your rights!
It's easy, once you know how to get "due process".
That's right.
Due process IS your most valuable right.
Due process is your most valuable right, because without the ability to win in court, the rest of your "rights" are just political rhetoric, promises with no power.
The Constitution of the United States promises you the protection of due process, but it doesn't tell you what due process is or how to get it!
Due process is a P-R-O-C-E-S-S ... and you've been DENIED knowledge of what that process is and how to use it to protect your rights!

Lawyers have seen to that ... and it's high time YOU learned what due process is, how it works, and how to use it to protect yourself and your loved ones from any and all abuses of your fundamental God-given rights!

What good are Constitutional Guarantees if you cannot afford to pay some law firm $50,000 to work the process for you? The Constitution itself is just a piece of paper with no power whatever beyond the power of men in high places to sign papers that order other people to do "what's right". If you are relying on the Constitution to protect your rights, you are falling into the very trap that my profession wants you to fall into - relying on them who must be paid to protect your rights!

Fortunately, there's another way!
For the first time in history, the mysteries of due process hidden from you and your children by lawyers all these years are now made easy-to-understand at last - thanks to the internet, multi-media technologies, and the official Jurisdictionary 24-hour step-by-step course!
The secrets of "due process" are now revealed!

You don't need a law degree to understand due process. Jurisdictionary simplifies the mysteries lawyers want to keep from you: pleadings, motions, depositions, subpoenas, evidence rules, courtroom objections, etc. The legal profession would have you believe you aren't smart enough to learn what it takes to win in court, but all you have to do is read our testimonials to see how people just like you ARE WINNING!

Teaching people due process is my passion and the moral imperative of everyone who loves Liberty enough to work for Justice through our courts.

Even if you have thousands of dollars to pay lawyers to go to court for you, Jurisdictionary can help you save money by showing you in simplified teachings just what your lawyer could and should be doing to earn his or her pay.

If you can't afford a lawyer (or don't trust them) then this affordable 24-hour step-by-step course is just what you need to protect your other God-given rights from abuse.
Are your rights being abused?
Do you see the rights of others being abused?
Take it to the courts!

Exercise your most valuable right!
Learn the process of due process that the lawyers don't want you to know ... and stand up for your rights effectively!

Signs, emails, pitchforks, and letters to your Congressman don't work! Nothing changes!
Knowing how to demand due process in court works!
And, nobody makes it easier than Jurisdictionary!

Tell your friends what their most valuable right is!
Wake people up to the fact that without the knowledge of due process (or many thousands of dollars to pay lawyers) your other fundamental "rights" are just empty promises.
The man or woman who knows the process of due process and how to demand justice from the courts is truly free!

  • Do what Jurisdictionary teaches, and you'll be pleasantly surprised when judges rule in your favor!
  • Do what Jurisdictionary teaches, and you'll appreciate what it's like to have rights with teeth in them!
  • Do what Jurisdictionary teaches, and your life and the life of your family will be much, much happier!
I'll teach you how to draft pleadings, make motions, set hearings, object in court, handle depositions, use subpoenas, fight back with counter-claims, and discover evidence that forces the court to issue orders that protect your rights!

 You can finish my course in less than 24-hours.
Learning due process is easy with Jurisdictionary!
Force the court to protect your rights ... all of them!
... Dr. Frederick D. Graves, JD
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck
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