Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oregon-Juvenile Court Dependency Benchbook-2011

Title: Juvenile Court Dependency Benchbook.
Published: 2011
Available from: Oregon Judicial Department Office of the State Court Administrator
URL: http://www.ojd.state.or.us/JuvenileBenchBook.nsf?OpenDatabase
Abstract: Benchbook is intended as a guide for juvenile court judges and referees. It provides general information on juvenile law, court procedures, and recommended practices. It ...
Other Bench Book for Oregon
Simply put,  the best way to say it would be that Judges Bench Books are the instruction manuals on how a Judge can or should rule and/or preside over a case.   The biggest benefit to providing access to the Bench Books is it gives people a chance to have "inside information" to help them better anticipate what they're facing, and possibly help them defend themselves better.  It also shows/proves any incentive that the Judges may have for ruling a certain way.  
 With regard to the California Judges Bench Guide 200, it actually has a "recommended ruling" section and "Judicial tips" when deciding how to rule on dependency and neglect cases where the children have already been taken by CPS/DCF.  The recommended ruling (at least for California) is to keep the children in the custody of CPS/DCF so that the state doesn't become ineligible for the Title IV funds.  Currently there is an effort  to get all of the Bench Books for all the states to see if the other 49 states have the same "recommended rulings" that California does.

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