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How to Argue with Judges!

Win with Jurisdictionary!

Below is one of the many emails received from Jurisdictionary .  In this discussion, I encourage everyone to keep this point in mind. Although I may sound like a broken record:
"You MUST become and Advocate for Yourself and
know the statutes, policies, etc. particular to YOUR Concerns

to Defend Yourself and Protect your Precious Family."
(Sidenote: Myself and others, when supporting others suggested going to court in anger will NOT win your case.)
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( From "How to Win" Step-by-Step Self-Help Course )Jurisdictionary

So do learn a bit from this email:
 How to Argue with Judges!
Arguing with judges is like arguing with baseball umpires.
You better know the rules AND HOW TO USE THEM!

Here are a few rules from the Official MLB Rulebook:
  • A player is not permitted to step or go into a dugout to make a catch.
  • A player is permitted to reach into a dugout to make a catch.
  • If a player makes a catch outside the dugout and his momentum carries him into the dugout, the catch is allowed as long as the player does not fall in the dugout.
Simple enough?
  • What if the players and the coaches on one team don't know the rules?
  • What happens then?
  • Will it do that team any good to argue with the umpire?
Probably not!
And all the %#$@&* will only get you thrown out of the park and possibly grounded for the season!
To argue successfully with a baseball umpire or a judge on his bench in the courtroom, you must know the Rules of Court ... and how how to use them to your advantage!

It's the bottom of the ninth. Two down. Batter at the plate. The count is three and two. The batter pops a high foul. You push back your catcher's mask and dash toward the dugout to make the catch.

The ball hits your glove and you trip on the rim of the dugout and fall in. Scrambling to your feet, you climb back out of the dugout, ball in your upraised hand, triumphant grin on your face.
  • Teammates cheer.
  • Fans roar fanatic approval from the stands.
  • But, the scornful look on the umpire's face and his raspy voice erase your victorious joy.
"Foul Ball!"
"But, I caught the ball, ump!"
The player strides purposely toward the umpire, waving a fist, yelling obscenities, and spitting (of course).
Fast behind is the coach, marching menacingly toward the umpire, cap shoved back, fists in the air, also shouting nasties and accusing the umpire of needing a new pair of glasses.
The umpire stands firmly behind the plate, hands planted on his hips, and waits for the verbal onslaught.
"I caught the foul ball. It's an out!"
"It's a foul ball. Period!" the umpire insists.
"You must be blind, Ump! It's an out! Game's over. We win! You saw me catch the ball? Jeeter couldn't do any better!"
"Maybe not," the umpire insists, "but Jeeter knows the ground rules! You fell in the dugout. Catch doesn't count. Get back behind the plate where you belong!"
"But. But. But."

If you studied my affordable 24-hour Jurisdictionary lawsuit self-help course, you know that all the "buts" in the world won't do you a bit of good in court!

Claiming you're pro se and should be allowed to play by different rules won't help, either!
You either learn the rules - and how to use them to your advantage - OR YOU LOSE!

Sending emails to friends after you lose or posting hateful comments on the internet complaining "All our courts are corrupt" just marks you as a loser.

Learn the official rules and how to use them ... or lose!
You can show up in court with all kinds of documents and things that you think are "admissible evidence". You can know the law is on your side.
If you don't know the rules of evidence and rules of procedure - and how to use them to your advantage - you lose!

There will be times when you'll need to argue with the judge about this or that, but do yourself a favor and discover what I learned practicing law in state and federal courts since 1986: unless you know the rules and how to argue the rules effectively, you have no more chance of changing a judge's ruling than the catcher who snags a foul ball in mid-air while falling into the dugout!
The Rules RULE!
End of story!

Losers believe internet fables. Losers get their legal education at the barbershop or on websites or expensive weekend seminars run by people who never practiced law, never went to law school, and don't know mud from sand about the rules of court or how to use them to advantage.

Too many good folks believe mythological silver-bullet easy solutions to their legal problems. As a predictable result, they are losing ... when they could be winning!

A host of wannabe legal gurus infest the internet and barbershops with half-baked schemes that sound too good to be true ... and, like the old adage says, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn't."
You may have heard people claiming you can win by challenging a judge's oath of office, insisting a UCC lien can be used to create collateral for borrowers, insisting banks don't loan "real money", or that you can deny your citizenship and claim to be a "sovereign human being" above the law.
It might work in small claims or traffic court ... but it will not carry the day for you in any kind of serious lawsuit or criminal case.

Hope in one hand and spit in the other. See which hand gets wet.
Learn how to use the rules!
It's not expensive, and people who have my course tell us an 8th grader can learn it all in a single weekend.
  • If you have a lawyer, you'll save thousands in legal fees by knowing what the lawyer should be doing ... and you'll maximize your chances for success by making certain the lawyer does what should be done, instead of taking you for a ride to the poorhouse - as happens to so many good people these days.
  • If you don't have a lawyer, you'll know how to stop the opponent's crooked tricks and get the judge on your side!
The key is knowing the rules and how to use them!
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