Sunday, January 27, 2013

Know Thy Enemy-The Child Protective Sevices

Thought I would share part of a response given in the past from one of our group member. The primary issues:
  1. Dealing with "X" in sharing the Responsibility of the child;
  2. The Child Protective Agency is a part of this family and one of the parent's now must go to a hearing .
Does this sound familiar??
For those going before the agency, I would highly recommend:
  • You organize all information relating to your concerns.
The following may seem negative.. But it is vital to "know thy enemy" sorta speak.
  • No matter who may care for the child, the agency will try to make the parent(s), foster care giver, etc, the worst Parent in the World. In your defense, you need to come back with proof, and get "on the Record" No, I was doing the most for the proper care and protection of the child.
  • The agency will bring up your past (And yes, even unfounded) Your defense is to say, this is where I am today and Today I am perfectly capable of the proper care and protection of the child.
  • The agency works on the philosophy, confirmed to me by 2 higher ups in the past: "To err in favor of the child".. ie "Best Interest of the child"
  • Based on "Preponderance of Evidence" all either side needs is 51% proof. Beware of the tactic the agency may use.. ie

    "Did this happen more than 50% of the time; OR
                                     less than 50% of the time??"

    (I've given this before but this is well worth reviewing>> Definition of Preponderance of Evidence>> )
    Please note, this alone, for example, is more than likely why children are so easily removed. However, for TPR to occur, evidence/proof must be "Clear and Convincing".. A reason why TPR, in many cases, takes a long time to occur.
  • One question that may come up is "Why didn't you do more for the Protection of the Child??" May sound ridiculous, but I've seen this happen many times.
I do wish and pray for the best of outcomes.. But the best defense is a great offense.. and part of this is being organized before going up against the agency, Goliath.
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  • Again, thanks for sharing.. And thanks for others sharing, it is most appreciated since, in my humble opinion: 
    the only "Experts"
    are those parents, care givers, etc. that
    truly protect and care for our children.

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    May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
     GranPa Chuck