Friday, February 15, 2013

The Parental Rights Movement: Is there a Problem???

Thought I would share  some thoughts from another, who has been very active with Our Legislators as an Advocate for over 15 years.

In this document, I feel these are Key Points to Consider. OR go to the complete article NOW

Key Points to Consider in the Legislative Arena

  •   Learn Proper Jurisdiction. Why are you are talking about a problem with federal with a state legislator? They have no ability to correct that law. The same holds true of state laws and talking to federal legislators. As I have seen so many continually do we have witnessed yet another example of a group of people going to Washington D.C. to talk to Congress about the problems that are within state laws.  If it is your desire to make yourself appear to be an idiot, then go ahead but you will accomplish nothing and only make yourself look uneducated.
  • Ask for help from those that have walked the path and have been able to present the solution before and continue to do so. In simple terms, Listen to the old farts of this movement, we have walked the path and have learned over the years. Those of us that have changed our methods are the ones that are and will be successful, not those that continue down the same old beaten path of failure.
  • Do not expect instant success. Edison had a thousand failures with the light bulb before he created one of our most useful tools. You will fail on your first attempt but you have to learn from your failure to grow.
  • Be prepared to show a legislator where this will save the state money. This garbage that has been perpetrated by so many through the years that this is a money making scheme for the states is wrong. They lose money.  Federal incentives that come in child support are not money makers for the state, they spend more to gain that then they take in return. Courts lose money by continuing the problem by jamming their own dockets through non-effect judicial economy.
  • Learn patience.
  • Learn to speak softly but carry a big stick and the only way that you learn that is by being fully prepared before opening your mouth.  Have you prepared yourself for the most fundamental questions you will be asked when you ask for these changes? If you caught off guard by a question and cannot give an immediate answer you will look unprepared.
````Excerpt from:"The Parental Rights Movement: The problem is…………"
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