Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Allegation Defense OR Prevention???

In one of the many groups I participate in, to know ALL sides of any issue,  a reply to a member was given. For those in Foster Care, this may be of concern?
Reply by member:
1)“...One of my biggest pet peeves is that the MAPP and PRIDE trainings are totally insufficient to prepare anyone to foster. They focus mostly on the children that you will have in your home, however, do not concentrate on allegations and/or documentation..”

In addition:2) “…I think it should be mandatory upon becoming licensed that every foster parent have some kind of legal protection…...
New Mexico has a unique approach to fostering. They have placed the fostering system under the state insurance umbrella, a good start....”
  • My additional Comments on 1):
I most firmly agree with 1). Only to add None of us are truly prepared to defend ourselves when the Agency comes knocking at our door.

However, a while back in our discussion group, this same issue was brought up.. And myself, being a curious sort, plus looking for more information to add to our NFPCAR website, I did a bit of research on if there were any courses to address this issue. And to my surprise, I did find one “Allegation Prevention – Interactive”-3.0 hours training credits, presented by Foster Care & Adoptive Community.

So I purchased this course for $4.95.. And then started reading. (Download Course)
The first paragraph was very encouraging: “Accusations can happen to a foster parent at any time. They are always "at risk". There is no suit of armor to protect them from erroneous allegations. It isn't a matter of "if" a foster home will have an allegation, it is a matter of "when". There are, however, many things a foster family can do to minimize the risk of allegations. This course is designed to make you aware of the steps you can take to lower the risk of accusal..”

However, after going through the course, I came to the same conclusion   ie “do not concentrate on allegations and/or documentation..”

But, I encourage everyone to read this course and see what they think. I have attached it for your review.
In addition, I have listed links relating to False Allegations, one may want to review at the bottom of this post.

And do send me your comments on the Questions that are asked at the end of this training document. BTW, I still did reply for my 3 hours of training.
FYI, here are the questions:
1. After having read this course, what might you change or do differently in your home?
2. What frightens you the most about being a foster parent?
3. What in this course surprised you the most regarding the possibility of allegation
4. What tips or experiences would you like to share with other foster parents?

Comments on 2):
“…I think it should be mandatory upon becoming licensed that every foster parent have some kind of legal protection…”

I agree. However, and unfortunately, those who are and/or have been Foster Care Givers, are in reality “Contracted” by the agency.. And, through time, subtle changes in statutes, this has come to mean, you, as a Foster Care Giver are responsible for yourself. Yes, hard to believe, since the agency may say, and/or express the thoughts that “We are a Team??”

Let me drift a bit to share a story of the Agencies alleged “Team Approach”
For those of you who are old enough, in our Western Character World, there were two heros.. ie the Lone Ranger and Tonto… They traveled together throughout the West to Stop the Bad Guys harming other innocent people.

One day, while they were traveling in the open lands, they were confronted by a group of hostile Indians.
So, the Long Ranger asks Tonto, “What are we going to do??”
Tonto’s reply was, “What do you mean Pale Face?
May you find Strength in your higher power,
Granpa Chuck

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