Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CA Judge’s Bench Book – A Smoking Gun

In many discussions, I’ve directed many to our NFPCAR legal webpage referring to Judge’s Bench Book. Also, in this post I have added an image of the section that directs the judges in CA as to what they are supposed to do… And yes it is pretty clear!!!
(Link to Judge's Bench Book Information: )

For those who are not familiar of what these are, here is a brief introduction:

“..Simply put,  the best way to say it would be that Judges Bench Books are the instruction manuals on how a Judge can or should rule and/or preside over a case.   The biggest benefit to providing access to the Bench Books is it gives people a chance to have "inside information" to help them better anticipate what they're facing, and possibly help them defend themselves better.  It also shows/proves any incentive that the Judges may have for ruling a certain way.”

Please note, most of this information was put together by Gina, one of our members, who has been a great researcher… I do encourage anyone and/or everyone to send me information on their favorite subject, etc. to add to our NFPCAR site.

Here is Just one of the Issues Relating to Social Security Funding:

The Anatomy of Child Welfare Fraud:
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