Friday, February 14, 2014

We should ALL be Responsible for Our Actions-Especially Professionals

Just sharing an email and thoughts from the Author of Psych Search.
Do share, if you agree to these thoughts.
Dear Friend,

You can effectively cause the arrest of a psychiatrist or make him lose his license.


Option #1
E-mail this link to everyone and their grandmother:

Option #2
Post that link everywhere you can on the world wide web.

Option #3
Put the link on your website but with it include one of these images:

That's how!

A few clicks from the chair you are sitting in right now!

The online form is already generating complaints BEFORE we even start promoting it!
So, watch out if you start pushing it!

(the form is still being tweaked but it works fine and you can let it rip right now)
And that's why we need an attorney - to look over the form and make suggestions.
There are a couple of points that need to be addressed.


Psychs in Hot Water (Daily at the below links)
2/14/2014 Austin Texas psychiatrist Richard Sofinowski – License Suspended for Drug Crimes