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UPDATED: What NOT to Do in Court: Suggestions from a Lawyer

Note: From the ol' guy. I had such a great response from the post on "What NOT to Do in Court", and today, I came across another great post "Show Some Respect". 
Some of the advice is similar.. AND heavens me, I certainly don't expect anyone to give their lawyer or the judge a big hug and kiss. So check it out.

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What NOT to Do in Court
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I just left the Ventura County Courthouse where I sat and listened to people plead their case to the family law judge.

  • Some made a pitch about why their child support should be reduced, using arguments not supported by any legal or factual basis.
  • Others had reasons why the judge should excuse their non-appearance at a prior cour
    t date, which resulted in orders they did not like because they weren't there to contest them.
  • Then there was a father who told a story how he is now the custodial parent to his young child because the mother threatened to kill the Child Protective Services social worker.
Really-this stuff just cannot be made up.

Show Some Respect12/20/13

Dealing with the judge and lawyers at family court
This article is about dealing with family court the lawyers and the judge. Explaining what to expect going into family court. With some helpful tips to get you through it.

You would not believe how many people will actually going in like this isn’t nothing walking into family court with out a care in the world.

I don’t have a clue what people are thinking.when people walk in too the court thinking that they are not going to have a huge effect in their kids life and their own life. Do the right thing and before walking into family court. Do research and ask people that have been through it some question so you know what you are getting into.


Where did the respect go
I see this all the time and it kills me. I am literally laughing when sitting in the lobby of family court. With how many people won’t even wear clean jeans or stop looking like a hoe. This is the place where they are going to tell you when and where you are going to see you kids. I seen people not even comb their hair before going into this place.

You are really showing that you care for your kids when you are wearing stained up jeans and a tee shirt with a beer can on it. I mean do these people think that the judge don’t have eyes. Or maybe the judge likes having parents going into his court disrespecting him with their boobs hanging out or wearing a hat in his court room. I see it all the time Wondering how can people not even care that their walking into a courtroom where their life is a bout to change.

Then decide to wear regular clothes there. Take the time and dress up. Get some dress pants, dress shirt and a tie. For you ladies wear a nice dress or dress outfit. This is your kids we are talking about don’t you think you can handling dressing up one time just to make sure that you are going to get the right first impression for your kids sake.

This totally changes how the judge takes your statement seriously. You give him respect and he will show you some in return.

Don’t Swear
The judge and lawyers now control how you future ends up with your kids. The least thing you can do to make sure you don’t get off to bad start. Don’t swear in the court room too the judge or the lawyers. A lawyer will actually fight hard for a person that they can respect a little bit. So don’t be bad mouthing the lawyer and swearing at him this will just get you know where quick.

How do you suppose to win a custody battle if your lawyer won’t fight for you and what you believe in. The lawyer will start just wanting to get the case done and over and move on to the next. I will tell you this if you want to end up in a lot of trouble quickly swearing at a judge will do it for you. You are immediately put on his bad side. He is just waiting for you to mess up again and throw you out of his court room. I mean a judge treats his court room as his own house don’t be disrespecting his house or you going to feel the judges wrath and trust me it is not good thing.

The best way to handle been in a court room is by not speaking until you are told too or asked. Always answer with sir or ma’am. I have seen a lot people walk into family court thinking that they are top dog and the own the place. They always end up crying in the end.


The world today
These seem like the smallest things that every one should knows. But serious when I walk into family court I see this stuff all the time. Happen all over the place. Like people will actually show up drunk or high to family court. Are you crazy !!!!

Then they all cry when the judge or lawyer finds out about it. These are people that do this for a living people. They see people drunk or high all the time. They handle regular court all the time too where they are dealing with these people non stop.

They can sense when some one is drunk and high that is why they are in the position that they are in the government So why even would you try.

Once You Are there
One of the worst things people do is to lie to the judge or lawyers. This is funny because judges and lawyers are experts on telling when people are lying to them. They pick up on it instantly just be the way you talk or act. Then they will play along with it for a bit and set you up for a big downfall.

They know it is coming and in the background of everything going on they have it all figured it out. These people deal with liars everyday. Do you really think you are going to tell them one they haven’t heard or figured out before. The bad thing about it for you is that once they catch you in a lie they don’t believe anything you say any more.

You might as well kiss your case goodbye


All I am saying
All I am saying is these people control your kids and your future. Do the right thing and treat them with respect so you have chance of getting your case heard right. Don’t argue or fight with them this is only going to lead your kids and yourself into pain. The thing about any lawyer or judge at the end of everyday they go home to their families not caring about what happen that day. It is a job to them and jobs don’t effect their home life. So if you think that they are going to lose any sleep by throwing your case out they don’t.

The only people that get hurt or have their life turn to dirt after family court is the family. No one else really cares.

So don’t make the people that have control over your kids and your life mad . That is just crazy and trust me it doesn’t work. Treat them with respect and they will show you some in return.


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