Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Children are Counting on US

Just passing a thought along from an email received today.

What kind of America will our children inherit?

Our children are counting on us.

Dear Chuck,

In the wake of unprecedented federal overreach and unrelenting attacks on our independence, Americans across the country are wondering, “What kind of country will my children inherit?

Will it be a country mired in debt, wasting taxpayer money on useless projects and handing down decrees from an unelected majority of nine?

Or will it be a country where true leaders – ordinary men and women across America – take a stand and reclaim the independence our forefathers fought and died to secure?

The choice is ours. Our children and grandchildren are depending on this generation to fight the overreach of the President, Congress, and especially the Supreme Court using an Article V Convention of States.
The Supreme Court buster. In this article, Michael Farris demonstrates how the latest SCOTUS rulings prove the need for an Article V Convention and outlines an amendment that could keep the Court from overstepping its bounds. 
SCOTUS decisions underscore need for a Convention of States. Our kids need us to fight federal overreach and ensure their freedom. Let's us the tool the Founders gave us to do just that.
Mark Levin and Sen. Tom Coburn team up. Listen to Sen. Coburn’s appearance on The Mark Levin Show last week to discuss SCOTUS and Article V.

Think about it
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