Saturday, March 10, 2018

Letter to Jurors by Shawn McMillian

Sad that one has to write such a letter.

But does confirm that the Agency will go to any means to overturn a decision.
Of course, the agency doesn't worry since the monies to do so are from "We the People" This fact alone should make the populous angry.. but the propaganda of the agency tugs at our hearts to save just one child.


Below is a copy of the open letter we will give to the jury this a.m (11/04/2016).Original Link (Join Group):

 We anticipate that the Defendants will appeal your verdict. In the next few days you may be approached by agents of the government – private investigators. They will want to interview you and take your sworn statement about what happened during your deliberations. They wish to overturn your verdict and discard the results of your hard work. You are free to speak with anyone from either side about your verdict – but you are not obligated to do so. Before speaking to anyone or signing anything, we ask that you consider the magnitude of what it is they are asking you to do.
Dear Juror:
The task you had thrust upon you was important for more reasons than you might imagine. We are taught that our government is comprised of a system of checks and balances; that its three branches, the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary, act as a counter balance created to avoid the predictable accumulation of power in a centralized government. But the drafters of the Constitution also recognized that this system has flaws. Over time, the natural tendency of any government is to oppress its people. To address their fear and distrust of power, they created a fourth check in the system of checks and balances. This fourth check is rarely spoken of. Its you. The jury. The conscience of the community.

At the founding of this country, the people had only recently thrown off the despotic yoke of an oppressive and corrupt government. They had a healthy distrust of government structures. But, they had a tremendous faith in the people who had fought and died to gain their liberty. Fr this reason the right to a jury trial was enshrined in the Constitution.
Thomas Jefferson, said that “Trial by jury is the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” And he was right. Your service and sacrifice is critical to the maintenance of a free society, and an honest government.

We ask that you notify us of any contact by the defense (or their agents) and that we be allowed either to be present for any interview you grant to the defense, or to discuss with you any telephonic or written communications you receive from the defense.
We thank you for your service.

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