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Introductory Information to Defending Yourself Web Page UPDATED

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  • We currently recommend that you obtain advice from a qualified lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Do not make any statements without a lawyer or witness present.
  • If possible, record any conversation.
  • Become familiar with  the laws and policies in your State.
 Knowledge is Power
"The Iron Triangle of Family Law"
  • Please Take 30 Minutes to view this video: by Gregory Hession,
      Mass. Lawyer and Author of the web site "Mass Outrage
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  • Judgepedia: is an encyclopedia about America's courts and judges. Its goal is to help readers discover and learn useful information about the court systems and judiciary in the United States.
    Judgepedia is a wiki, which means that anyone--including you--can improve it by registering and then editing any article by clicking on the "edit this page" link that appears on every article on Judgepedia. By adding information or fixing any mistakes you see, the quality and depth of the information steadily improves and grows over time..
  • Judicial Ethics : An Overview- Judicial ethics is part of the larger legal category of legal ethics (See LII's American Legal Ethics Library). Judicial ethics consists of the standards and norms that bear on judges and covers such matters as how to maintain independence, impartiality, and avoid impropriety.
  • Case-Winning Power without a Lawyer (pro se)

  • Reasonable Efforts (PDF File) - "With the child's health and safety as the paramount concern, the dependency court judge is required to rule whether or not a child welfare agency has made reasonable efforts toward preventing a child's removal from his home, reunifying the child and family or achieving permanency for the child when reunification is not an option. This issue of The Judges' Page seeks to address the role of the judge in making these reasonable efforts findings."
    ~ Judge J. Dean Lewis, Editor (Download PDF File)
  • The Timing of Termination of Parental Rights: A Balancing Act for Children's Best Interest- "The purpose of this research brief is to describe the perspectives and experiences of judges in making decisions around termination of parental rights and, in particular, the challenges faced when making TPR decisions. The findings can inform child welfare officials and state and federal policymakers on current judicial practices related to TPR and adoption. " (Download PDF File)
  • Judges Bench Books  are the instruction manuals on how a Judge can or should rule and/or preside over a case.
  • Video: How to Knock Down Judges- (from Jurisdictionary.com advertising included, but video has some great points)
  • Rate Your Judge (Related Reading: BAD JUDGES and What to Do About Them & Investigate a Judge (Word File for Possible Research)
  • Other Judge's Files
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