Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lawsuit Process At-a-Glance ...

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Click HERE or on the flowchart image below to see the Lawsuit Process at-a-glance.Win-Lose Flowchart
It really IS this simple!
After all, we are entitled to know, aren't we?
What good is it to "have rights", if nobody told us how to enforce our rights?
You no longer need to remain in legal darkness!
It really IS this simple!
Yes, there is a lot to learn, but it is NOT DIFFICULT to learn. There's just a lot of it.
The Rules apply to both sides!
  • The Rules are fair.
  • The judge may not be fair.
  • The lawyer on the other side probably won't be fair!
  • But, the Rules are fair ... and YOU can learn the Rules and how to use the rules to win!
It is NOT DIFFICULT to learn.
Click HERE or click on the flowchart above to see the fundamentals at-a-glance.
Help Your Friends!
Forward this email and this link to the
Lawsuit Flowchart
so your friends can see how easy it is to win.
It's sad that so many today fear and hate the very system of Law & Order that is the only power that is able to protect them from villainy at the hands of their fellow man and the tyranny of despotic political power.
This chart shows how fundamentally easy it is!
Please be careful who you trust to teach you about the law and how our courts work! There are all kinds of folks who hold themselves out as "legal gurus" you. There is a "movement" in our nation that's lost faith in America. The leaders of this "movement" see only evil and none of the good. You can detect them by their anger and the "nifty tricks" they say you can use to win in court to get around the rules.
The fact is, learning the Rules is very, very easy!
Believe me: After a quarter-century of practicing law in state and federal courts you may be assured that the rules RULE AND ARE VERY FAIR TO BOTH SIDES.
The Rules of Court are what guarantee your rights! If you cannot enforce your rights, you might as well not have any ... because a "right" you cannot enforce is not worth much!
Even the Constitution itself is a set of "rules".
The Rules of Court go hand-in-hand and are your power to secure Justice and enforce your rights!
Nothing else works!
Try writing letters to the governor. Doesn't work.
Write letters to the Bar. Doesn't work.
Write letters to your congressman. Doesn't work.
Carry signs in the street. Doesn't work.
Send emails to all your friends. Doesn't work.
Learn how to use the Rules of Evidence and Rules of Procedure in Court ... THEY WORK FAIRLY FOR YOU IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK THEM!
Most of you have taken a sacred oath before Almighty God to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
Yet, very, very few of you have any idea how to enforce the rights our Constitution promises or any of the rights promised to you by your state constitutions, statutes, or common law?
Because my profession doesn't want you to know!
Make you angry?
I hope so!
Let's tell everyone: Now is the time to learn!
Are you facing one of these battles?
  • Foreclosure
  • Custody
  • Child Support
  • Taxation Issues
  • Property Rights
  • Criminal Charges
  • Contract Disputes
  • Slander
  • Landlord-Tenant Problems
  • Etcetera .......
Short of grabbing your squirrel gun and a box of ammo, the only way you can get your "redress of grievances" is through using our court system wisely.
But! Notice the word, "wisely".
You must understand what this week's FREE flowchart explains clearly.
So, click HERE and study the flowchart now.
And, be certain to visit Jurisdictionary to learn more about the official 24-hour, step-by-step lawsuit self-help course that everyone is talking about these days!
Help Your Friends!
Forward this email and this link to the
Lawsuit Flowchart
so your friends can see how easy it is to win.
I faithfully attended 3 years of classes in law school and read every page of a stack of lawbooks 20-feet high, but in all those years the very simple common-sense secrets of the simple process that lets any person of average intelligence Win in Court was never explained.
The process is simple, and YOU can do it!
If you have a lawyer, he may be unwilling to do it. He may be afraid to do it.
But, if you want to win, someone must do it!
I realize these Tips & Tactics newsletters urge you to order the self-help course. If you already have the official Jurisdictionary course, perhaps these newsletters will encourage you to learn more.
The things you don't yet know are the very things your opponent will use to destroy your case!
Lawsuits are an axe fight.
Jurisdictionary is your axe!
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck
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