Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Start for those Falsely Accused

As one of the Moderator Team for the Yahoo Discussion Group "Foster Parent Allegation", I would like to share an example of a email sent to our New Members. When the agency enters your life and family, the time to defend yourself is the day it happens.

So when this happens, here are just a few thoughts you may want to consider. Yes to many the term "Foster Parent" may seem an unlikely place to seek information. However, as a group, we started with a few members, who were Foster Parents Falsely Accused. Then, over a decade, many more, Natural Parents, Relatives, etc. joined our Discussion Group. We came to realize that the "True Enemy", so many times, was the agency itself.

  • Example email relating to "Quick Start for those Falsely Accused":
I have approved your membership for the Foster Parent Allegations Group. I am one of the moderators and also the current keeper of our sister website, . Much of the information presented on this website is a reflection of the thoughts and concerns of our Discussion Group. But here are just a few thoughts, found on our  National Foster Parent Coalition for Allegation Reform (NFPCAR) homepage discussing " Our Policy and Purpose" as a Group.

If you would like to talk to a person, please  call our affiliated site, Foster Parents Legal Solutions (FPLS) at  NATIONAL TOLL FREE NUMBER and talk to one of our STATE ADMINISTRATORS. 1-877-FPA-CHILD.  

Also depending on what state you are from, you may want to visit the index to our State Pages:

Hopefully, through Sharing, Caring, and Guidance, we can assist you in becoming an advocate for yourself to defend and strengthen your family. 

Related Reading FYI:
It is guaranteed that sooner or later a parent or caregiver may have to deal with false allegations. Not until this happens to your family can you truly understand the devastation that occurs, not only to you but more importantly to the children in your home. It is through this list that we hope to provide support, but also to make changes in the way allegations are handled throughout the country.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not attorneys. This group is no substitute for your own attorney. We do urge you to assist your attorney in the preparation of your items that are essential to your case in anticipation of litigation. In
U.S. v. Aldman, 134 F.3d 1194 (2d Cir. 1998) the Second Circuit held that "a document created because of anticipated litigation, which tends to reveal mental impressions, conclusions, opinions or theories concerning the litigation, does not lose work-product protection merely because it is intended to assist in the making of a business decision influenced by the likely outcome of the anticipated litigation." As such, all conversations on this list should be considered a part of the Attorney/Client Work-Product and anything posted on this list should be considered protected as such. Any disclosure of the Attorney/Client Work-Product by unauthorized persons in an attempt to hamper a person's defense of him or herself or their family can and will face legal action for theft.
Whatever your reasons for seeking out assistance we are glad that you found us.  We are very familiar with the nightmares that CPS puts us through as foster/adoptive/and natural parents, loving caring persons who only want to reach out to helpless children are endless and frightening.

Whether you are here to ask questions, learn more about fostering, or you are currently dealing with an allegation or any kind of a problem we are here to help you.

You see on this group we understand the horror you are facing when you stand accused of harming a child that you have loved and cared for in your home. We understand the pain that you are going through and we are here to help in any way that we can. This is something unique to CPS and the foster care system in general and it's called SUPPORT through RELATIONSHIP.

We are here to help, answer your questions, help with your case, advise you or sometimes just listen while you vent. Again, we are not attorneys but citizens and foster parents who care and want to help. We are here to SUPPORT one another and no one does it better than this group, my cyber family.

Glad you found us. Welcome to the group. I am glad that you found the RIGHT place to receive an education.. If you have questions fire away we will do our best to answer them.

Your group moderator,
GranPa Chuck
Keeper of the web files for

Also, as one member said about Our Group:
This group represents such a wide variety of people:
-different states
-different ages, ethnicities and races
-different ages of the children involved
-single, married
-natural, foster, adoptions
-New investigations, substantiations, and appeals
-cases involving legal, arrests, as well as CPS involvement
There are always going to be differences of opinions.  I mean, c'mon, I worked for the very system we oppose for several years.
The key is RESPECT.  We all have to respect and support each other, and if sometimes we have to respectfully disagree - SO BE IT.
It is important to be honest and make your feelings known.