Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Case Fixing Tactics: A Comprehinsive List

Below, is perhaps the most Comprehensive List of Concerns when we are faced in Our Legal System. As the author states: "Feel free to post this list on your Wall and spread it around far and wide. Please send me the comments you receive and thank you for your help in completing this list." I can only add, any statements should be supported with Proof.

Do Review this list and send comments to John, Thanks:

Case Fixing Tactics

I am creating a comprehensive list of case fixing tactics being employed in family law cases and in the criminal justice system, to churn cases for extra profits and to increase federal funding for the states. Please comment with your own observations.
I know about, or have observed, and have a great amount of evidence to show, the following case fixing tactics against fathers, pro se litigants, indigents, and crime victims in Colorado and Minnesota:


  1. “Impute” income and jack up child support orders
  2. Dole out restraining orders like candy
  3. Allow perjury and other fraud upon the court
  4. Suppress evidence
  5. Ignore evidence of criminal misconduct
  6. Allow and promote fraud upon the court
  7. Commit fraud upon the court in orders
  8. Deviate from the presumptions of equal custody, decision making, parenting time, etc., without a showing of parental unfitness
  9. Deviate from the presumption of truth in affidavits without cause or reason
  10. Reclassify pro se filings and then provide no reasons for denials or state something like, “To the extent that the father is requesting dismissal (or reconsideration, or…”)
  11. Deny access to the court system
  12. (From Brad Howe): Refuse to enforce visitation orders, but will enforce custody orders

Court Administration:

  1. Deny access to the judicial system
  2. Refuse to file court documents
  3. Throw away or misplace IFP applications and other court documents
  4. Alter the ‘Register of Actions’ when decisions are appealed
  5. Rename or renumber exhibits, or lump several exhibits under one number (so some or all can be withheld in the event of appeal)

Court Reporters:

  1. Refuse to produce transcripts
  2. Alter transcripts when decisions are appealed


  1. Refuse to answer discovery requests
  2. Withhold exculpatory evidence
  3. Participate in the altering of exhibits
  4. Openly commit fraud upon the court
  5. Knowingly advance falsities and deceits

Public Defenders:

  1. Refuse to do anything to defend
  2. Refuse to do anything in writing
  3. Refuse to file court documents or just present them in court so the clerks can throw them away
  4. Make only verbal statements in court and only statements that will keep the case going
  5. Participate in the altering of exhibits

Child Support Enforcement:

  1. Refuse to verify facts, review, adjust, modify, etc.
  2. Refuse to credit payments
  3. Refuse to correct accounts
  4. Commit and suborn perjury
  5. (From Jeff Okkonen) Increase support collection, without a hearing, then garnish from paycheck, also without a hearing
  6. (From Brad Howe): Levy bank accounts repeatedly just to increase federal funding
  7. Send levy notices to your bank, but hold yours so you will miss the appeal period

Law Enforcement:

  1. Refuse to look at evidence
  2. Refuse to do investigations
  3. Refuse equal protection
  4. Refuse crime victim services

Guardian Ad Litems (GALs), "Child and Family Investigators" (CFIs), Child Protective Services (CPS), CAFCASS, Custody Evaluators, Psychologists, and other court cronies that help fix cases against the noncustodial parent (NCP):

  1. Commit fraud upon the court in their Reports and Recommendations
  2. Commit perjury on the witness stand
  3. Program children to despise the 'other' parent, the noncustodial parent (NCP)
  4. Coax children to act out against the NCP
  5. Ask the kids leading questions during investigations and misquote them if they say anything endearing about the NCP
  6. Refuse to interview the NCP's witnesses
  7. (From Matt Thompson and Brad Howe) Ignore formal complaints and evidence, and tell the NCP to take their issues up in court; and going along with the custodial parent's lies to the kids and frauds upon the court
Apparently many Private Investigators, Court Watchers, and Parental Rights Advocates, the Press, and others that could make a difference for thousands of broken families if they weren't receiving Hush Money from the Judicial Mafia:
  1. Refuse their services to Pro Se litigants, indigents, desperate parents and other 'Targeted Individuals'
Feel free to post this list on your Wall and spread it around far and wide. Please send me the comments you receive and thank you for your help in completing this list.