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Importance of Appellate Court Decisions in Your Defense

In doing research to prepare your case, whether you seek a lawyer or not, here are three parts to consider. The first two are absolutely essential, and the last makes your defense even stronger. It is unfortunate, that so many don't realize that your first shot at the court system, is the most important. Do your homework, and get it right the first time:
  1. State Statutes, particular to your concerns
  2. Proof relating to your concerns
  3. Appellate Decisions relating to your concerns
This Jurisdictionary Tips and Topics describes the importance of Appellate Decisions

One Tool given to many is the word processing Outline Format. As a suggestion, if you and/or a close supporter are proficient in word processing, the three major concerns, listed above could be your Major Heading... And in very unlegal terms, I call it "Getting Your Ducks in Line". (Download Outline Format) Also, watch for the Publication of "Standing in the Shadow of Law ".

And when do you start Your Research?? >>Immediately!!!<< Remember, the further you venture into the Court System, without proper defense, the harder it is to Defend Yourself.
~~~~~~Tips and Topics from Jurisdictionary~~~~~
How to Find Appellate Cases that Control Judges!
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You cannot win without controlling judges.

You cannot control judges unless you research and cite controlling "legal authority" for every point you seek to make on the court's record!

Read on to see what you will learn with the official and affordable step-by-step, 24-hour Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" self-help course.

The judge is not the authority!Control Judges with Jurisdictionary!
(Note from Blogger:Although, many bias, and corrupt judges may think the contrary. An issue I hope many are challenging? However, we must keep in mind, decisions are based on what is presented. And this may or may not be the Truth.)

If you want to win in court, you must make it crystal clear on the court's official record that the judge will be reversed on appeal if he rules against you!

Nothing else matters!

If the judge thinks he can rule against you and get away with it, guess what!

If the judge knows you haven't made your record for appeal before the case is concluded at the trial level, he is free to ignore everything you did and rule any way he pleases in spite of what the law and facts may prove to the contrary because he knows he cannot be reversed on appeal because you didn't make your record!

The appeal process will not give you another bite at the proverbial apple.

Either you make your points with the trial judge by citing "legal authority" that controls him, or you run the risk of losing your case and being stuck with the decision forever!

Don't believe me?
Tell a judge what your personal opinions are about the law and how you think he should rule in your case, and see how far it gets you!

YOU WILL LOSE ... if you don't learn how to cite "legal authority" as explained clearly in the official step-by-step, 24-hour Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" course!

The only opinions that count in court are the written opinions of appellate court justices who stand in judgment over trial level judges and have power to reverse them if they disagree with the appellate decisions in any way!

Your opinions count for nothing in court.(Note from Blogger: vs Proof)

You must control the judge by citing official authorities from controlling appellate decisions, so the judge knows he will be reversed if he rules against you!
This is how smart lawyers win!
  • Stupid lawyers are afraid of judges.
  • Stupid lawyers are afraid to threaten appeal.
  • Stupid lawyers lose ... routinely!
Controlling judges is what wins lawsuits!

If you've wandered through a law library in search of legal authority, you were probably amazed to find crowded shelves stuffed with volumes of similar-looking books differing only by the mysterious numbers printed on their spines. Books that give no hint which one might hide the key to unlock the judge's favor in your case.

In a well-stocked law library there are thousands upon thousands of law books. You cannot possibly read them all to find what you seek, and even the indexes, appendices, and annotations are a complex nightmare that requires years of experience to master.

On the other hand, on-line legal research is easy.

We show you how in our course.

Learn how to use on-line legal research and how to cite case-winning legal authority with the affordable step-by-step 24-hour Jurisdictionary How to Win in Court self-help course!

Dr. Frederick David Graves, JD
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