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Judge's Opinion on Those Who go Pro Se

To compare the judges' attitude together, I've divided this into 4 Parts. You be the judge of the Judges.
  • Part 1- Pro Se litigant starts with short video of judge, but quotes a Supreme Court ruling:
             Supreme Court Rule 4.300(5) States in Part:
                                              "A Judge shall not, in the
                             performance of Judicial duties
                               by words or conduct manifest
                                     bias or prejudice
  • Part 2- An opinion from one who was once a judge and his comments on Judge Myles and the litigant picking on him. Plus a few more videos of this Family Court Hearing
  • Part 3- Call it a summary of opinion of the Pro Se Dad. He titled it:
    Family Court Destroys Families
  •  Part 4- Another Pro Se litigant presenting his issues before the Supreme Court:
                  Probate and Family Court Jurisdiction
 So Do Enjoy, and I hope you can see the differences
Both of the Pro Se Litigant and Judges
Part 1
A very short video. But very interesting.. Enjoy

Actual Court Video of John David Myles, Family Court Judge in Shelby County.
Part 2
Although I do agree the above clip is a point for the Litigant, may want to check out the comments below, plus other video.
Even as one who defends themselves, one needs to know the workings of the court they are in.

I say no more, you be the Judge

Shelby County Family Judge victimized by YouTube video postings by angry litigant

A Shelby County pro se litigant who is angry with Shelby Family Court Judge John D. Myles rulings, has posted numerous videos on the video web site which attempts to criticize the judge.The attempt is to try to make the Judge look bad, but the result misses the mark.LawReader has viewed these video tapes and we conclude that Judge Myles has shown a great deal of restraint.   It is unfortunate that the pro se litigant does not understand anything but that he is losing his case regarding child visitation.  Obviously, the game becomes blame the Judge. 
We have sympathy for any Family Judge.  Judge Myles is certainly having a difficult time with this litigant.   It is unfortunate that the Judge is not permitted to post his own videos in which he points out the failings of the litigant. 
Any one who practices law will understand how carefully Judge Myles has handled himself.  As a former Judge I shudder to think what I might have said to this troublesome litigant.   We can imagine that other judges will likely be subjected to this whining.  

Judge John D. Myles Cursing a Litigant  (LawReader does not conclude that the Judge cursed the litigant.  Use of the word “hell” is hardly shocking and the Judge does not direct that word at the litigant.)714 views03CI000619
Judge Myles 1 of 2298 views03CI000619
Judge Myles 2 of 2242 views03CI000619 


Part 3
Family Court Destroys Families

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Part 4
Probate and Family Court Jurisdiction

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