Monday, August 22, 2011

Lawsuit Hope and Hype ...

See the cute little blue fellow?
He's hoping.
Not that hope isn't a good thing.
  • Hope based on truth is a good thing.
  • Unrealistic hope is not.
  • Unprepared hope is not.
  • Uninformed hope is not.
In other words, hope based on hype is foolishness.

Received favorable responses to our last Tips & Tactics yet some still hold legal mythology is better than learning the official rules and how to use official rules.
I want you to WIN ! ! !

But, you cannot win hoping on hype ... no matter how promising the hype may seem.

Sure, it would be great if you could get out of paying a speeding ticket by claiming you copyrighted your name so the courts can't use your name without your permission, or that your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS isn't "you", or that you're a "person" not a "citizen" and therefore above the law and no longer subject to government force.

It would be great to go about doing as you please with no regard to man's law, claiming you're serving God when, by the way, scripture tells us to obey those in authority over us (and, yes, you could insist no one has authority over you).
But, I want you to WIN in court!

  • You will not win if you refuse to learn the rules and how to use the rules to get justice legally.
  • You will not win if you show up in court with silver-bullet methods to "get around the law".

Sure, once in awhile someone skips out of a busy traffic court by getting the judge exasperated with internet legal mythology, but I've been to court more than a few times since 1986 when I was first sworn in (and not to any British agency, by the way!) as a member of the Florida Bar. I've seen judges get exasperated and let people off scott-free. I've seen many more escorted by the bailiff to a cell where they were left to decide if they wished to be subject to the official rules.
You choose.
  • We all have that choice.
It's our prerogative in this wonderful nation.

Go to court with legal mythology sold by those who wish you to believe you are "above the law of the land", or go to court knowing how to use the official rules to get Justice the American Way ... according to law!

In 24 hours with my affordable, official Jurisdictionary "How to Win in Court" step-by-step self-help course you will know how to command judges and stop crooked lawyers in their tracks!
It's not mythology!

It's all based on official rules YOU can use to get justice by demanding everyone follow the rules!
That's what too many American Heros died to give you!
  1. Law and Order.
  2. Due Process.
  3. The Rule of Law.
These are the three things
true patriots fight for!
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck
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