Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Join Us Today, Freedom Talk Radio: "The storm called Child Protective Services"

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Today's Theme
"The storm called Child Protective Services"
The Damages Done
Here are two articles one may want to read on how
Much of a Storm CPS or related agencies are generating Worldwide.
Key Thought "Nanny State:
Hopefully, on the radio show, we can have callers from many countries, since, as stated" "..Now not just a U. S. problem but one that is hitting many countries across the globe.."

Suggested Thoughts to Discuss?
  • Your experiences with the Agency.. ie the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.
  • If a Foster Care Giver, what was your Relationship with the Agency?
  • If a natural parent, what were your feelings about Foster Care Givers caring for your children?
  • If your are a member of our discussion group, did any advice on this group help?
  • Did you talk directly to Marilyn on the toll free number found on the FPLS site? (Contact Page: http://www.foster-parents-legal-solutions.com/contact.html  )
  • If allegations were made, what did you do to prepare for your defense?
  • Have you assisted others, in their time of need, eventhough your personal experiences may have been bad?

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