Sunday, October 20, 2013

CA-Forum with Tim Donnelly Oct. 24, 2013

Please share the information below to those in CA. As a suggestion, I would create a minimum of one page to also hand to Tim, if you are going to be there.
Please also keep in mind:
  • There is No One on a White Horse that is going to save our Families, You have to be that one small voice and Speak Up
  • Yes there is many injustices, but we must show by Proof what these injustices are.

May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck
CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for Governor
CHILDREN AND PARENTAL RIGHTS ADVOCATES an opportunity to meet Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and tell your story. (Bring one to two page summary)

Those of you that were NOT able to make it to the NorCal Liberty Summit, you missed a great speech.

CA Assemblyman Donnelly for Governor spoke on child deaths / murders, child kidnapping and extortion perpetrated by the government in his speech at the NorCal Liberty Summit Conference in Sacramento. Quotes from his speech:

-Referring to California, Assemblyman Donnelly stated, “…the most evil government agencies … they kidnap kids for cash… they are letting children that need them die…at an alarming rate in the state of California.”

-Assemblyman Donnelly also mentioned and exposed a conversation with a business employee and his chief of staff, where the employee stated,” Don’t you know how big / bad Government is getting? They kidnap children from parents.”

-“The Party (California) we have today that is in charge of this state are Marxist Progressives. They are looking to literally redistribute everything you have. Not only your wealth...Everything! Heck they are after our kids…”

-Assemblyman Donnelly stated in the Q and A on human trafficking, “Minors are the focus of my campaign.”... ”An awful lot of minors that are being trafficked...”

-He also stated that what we need / should have in this country is a “REVOLUTION” because things are that bad.

Have you ever heard of such statements from a politician? I know for many years now I have preached that what we are dealing with is Government Fraud, Corruption, Child Kidnapping, Child abuse and Extortion. It was truly refreshing to hear these issues spoken from a politician / patriot and brought to light.

I also had the honor and pleasure of speaking with Assemblyman Donnelly …concerning parental rights, children rights… He was inspiring and very passionate about these issues. GREAT! I was very impressed with Assemblyman Donnelly and his great speech exposing government child abuse.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (Candidate for Governor) is a champion for our cause at the State Political level that we desperately need. His speech and platform highlights our issues and I definitely believe he is the real deal.

Again, I have never ever heard such statements or truths from any politician in all my years of being involved with these most corrupt and heinous government officials and agencies. These issues should be front and center with all politicians.

We cannot pass up this opportunity! We must take action in support of Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (Candidate for Governor)
Please repost and PASS IT ON

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