Friday, October 4, 2013

Those who Falsely Accuse may be the REAL ABUSER?

Came across a very interesting article "False Abuse Reports Trouble Child Welfare Advocate". 

Heck, I will be so bold as to say those who Falsely Accuse another, and many who do it Anonymously are actually the True Abuser. 

Keep in mind that the one of two of the original intents of even creating the agency was to Protect Children from the cruelty of broken bones, and "intentional" harm. And NO not to be reported for reasons like this, as taken from this article:
  • A homeless mom was accused of being a drug abuser because.."assumed the caller was another woman in the same homeless shelter who was jealous of her relationship with her boyfriend, but she couldn’t prove it because the call was made anonymously..."
  • "Margaret Burt, who said she regularly represents foster and adoptive parents who are the target of repeated harassing calls to the state's central registry of child abuse reports, often by biological parents who themselves feel powerless to reclaim their connection to their children."  (However, note, were the children removed from their parents do to Child Cruelty or yet another False Allegation?? And so the circle goes round and round)
  • We see the threat of false reports to child welfare and then actual malicious and retaliatory reporting by batterers at all different stages of abusive relationships, and we see it frequently,” explains Liz Roberts, Chief Program Officer for Safe Horizon

In relationship to "Anonymous Reporting" here is a Reform suggestion found in this research paper, Child Protection at the Crossroads: Child Abuse, Child Protection, and Recommendations for Reform (03/31/1998)

Repeal mandatory reporting laws that are in effect in all the states. Mandatory reporting laws, designed to encourage those who work with children to report incidents of maltreatment, have had two negative effects. 
First, they encourage unnecessary reporting because professionals must report all of their suspicions under threat of prosecution. While such prosecutions are rare, one shouldn’t have to report suspicions. Reporting should be restricted to more concrete evidence of a crime. 
Second, mandatory reporting discourages fellow citizens from taking positive neighborhood action with families in trouble. 
Citizens tend to consider that their responsibilities have been met when they call an anonymous hotline, because that is what the law tells them to do. Knocking on the door and offering help to a family, which is troubled, but not engaged in criminal behavior, may be the more appropriate alternative.

Many people have asked me "Whose Side are you On?"
The only side I am on is the side of "Truth". Plus, I believe that each and everyone one of us should be held responsible for our actions. Be it the Parent, the Agency, and, Yes, even the Child.

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