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Behind the Black Robes ~ Featured Book

Periodically "Defend Yourself" likes to share some of the real Classics of the many Books or Documents written in regards to our legal system.. ie the the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Here is one:
Aug. 2009 (Available in paperback or Kindle)
by Barbara C. Johnson
Behind the Black Robes: Failed Justice-is about a very serious problem, the need for court reform and the abolishment of judicial and quasi-judicial immunity. Marinated with the makings of sizzle, the book is filled with the courts' tricks and traps for the unwary---to alert the readers both why their law cases failed and what must be done to effect court reform. Each chapter introduces the background of the subject of that chapter and then presents a series of illustrative anecdotes intended to teach the readers by example how to avoid those court tricks and traps people are likely to encounter in their existing or potential court cases.

Barbara Johnson was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1934. She grew up in Newton, a suburb of Boston known at the time for its fine public schools. After attending Bennington College in Vermont for two years, she attended Middlebury College Russian Summer School (1954). Immediately thereafter, for her junior year (1954-1955), when the male:female ratio was 50:1, she enrolled in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Center of International Relations (secretly run by the CIA).

The following year, which would have been her senior year at Bennington, her father, going through a severe financial crisis, suggested that the family could live cheaper in Paris, France, than in Newton. So she and her family spent a few months living delightfully in Paris and the remainder of the year traveling throughout the rest of Europe -- averaging a dollar a head a night.
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