Thursday, September 18, 2014

Featured Site: Family Court Pro Se Fathers

Periodically we will feature either a web site and/or Discussion Group that can be most valuable in those that take the initiative to gain the knowledge to "Defend Themselves". 

Keep in mind, it is vital that one carefully organizes the who, what, when, where, and why of their situation. Plus know the State Statutes, particular to their concerns... And, yes with or without a lawyer.

So here is such a site:
Their Discussion Group: Family Court Pro Se Fathers
Their Related Web Site: Family Court Dads

About the Discussion Group:
This is a support group for Fathers proceeding pro se in Family Court, with an emphasis on New York State.

You are encouraged to join if you have a case in Family Court, and are proceeding pro se (self-represented). You are also invited if you have in the near past represented yourself in Family Court.

If you are an attorney/paralegal, who is competently familiar with Family Law, and Courts, you are invited to the extent of sharing your expertise to the group members, and to receive information on their in-court experiences, losses, and successes.

 The purpose of this group is to empower, educate and inform its members in their courtcase efforts to achieve legal custody of their children. The focus is on court procedure (petitions, motions, hearings, discovery, etc.), NY family law, and dealing with all the ancillary workers that are engaged by the family court to assist in its investigations of you (CPS, psychological evaluators, mediators, etc.)

The means by which we do this is by sharing knowledge, experiences, techniques, procedures, and strategies we have found successful in prosecuting our case in Family Court.

By combining and completing our knowledge we can become more effective in our presence in Family Court.
A properly educated pro se party will provide far better representation for himself than a paid (or assigned) attorney. You are your only client, you care more about your case than any attorney could. You can legally do things in your case that an attorney would never do, even though they can.

An attorney has three rules, in this precedence: 
  1. Do not get in trouble with the law, do the least amount of work necessary for the most amount of money, represent the client's interests.
  2. Only the most principled attorneys have it correct: Represent a client most aggressively as possible and still be within the law, everything else be damned.
  3. And that attorney would be you if you had yourself as a client, provided you know what you're doing.

A Super starting point to know the State Statutes, particular to your concerns:
Note: When you click on View, this is introductory information comparing states. To see the State Statute Summaries, you need to Download the PDF file. (Note: Will be taken directly to Agency page and dates of updates may be newer than shown on this page.)
Latest State Series Catalogue Index is July 2013.-- (HTML Page) (PDF)
Need More Laws?  Adoption ~ Best Interest of the Child ~ Case Planning ~ Child Abuse & Neglect ~ Child Welfare Law & Policy ~ Central Registry ~ Conflict of Interest Domestic Violence ~ Emancipation ~ False Allegations ~ Family Preservation ~ Fathers ~ Foster Care Givers ~ Guardianship ~ Immunity ~ Infant ~ Mandatory Reporters ~ Parental Drug Abuse ~ Permanency ~ Placement with ~ Reasonable Efforts ~ Reinstatement of Parental Rights ~ Reunification ~ State Guides & Manuals Search ~ Termination of Parental Rights
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