Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The "BATTLE" Between Child Abuse Hysteria and Strenthening Our Families

Yes I used and purposely capitalized "BATTLE"

Not only that, but on our Viral video page of those who are in this "BATTLE" and are active in the field of one position or another, 
I purposely added two Studies to show the Conflict, even within the agency.

And, yes all on one web page so there is no misunderstanding. (go to webpage)

The videos are:

The documents are:
  • "Child Protection at the Crossroads: Child Abuse, Child Protection, and Recommendations for Reform"
      Note: This employee, actually got demoted for sharing such a thing.
  • "Unto the Third Generation: A Call to End Child Abuse in the United States within 120 Years (revised and expanded)
    Note; This employee got promoted for sharing such a thing. and one of his statements
              "VI. The battle plan for ending child abuse" (pg.2)

So, do download and read these documents and watch the videos, and you may have a clearer picture of the BATTLE we all face.
and do Pass on this web page to others

However, I strongly encourage Parents, who have been in conflict with the Child Protective AGENCY, to take the Parent Survey>> Go here for the State index 
Nationally, we now have over 500 parents that have taken this survey, Thanks and be that "One Small Voice",

Proud National Coordinator of the Family Survey Program
When One Deals with the Child Protective AGENCY>>LearnMore
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