Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why We Are Stalled in the Reform of CPS

Thoughts to consider, And yes many may get their feelers hurt. But we must do our homework and know a proper way to defend ourselves.
Often shared the thought, If you don't know your rights, you have none.
Granpa Chuck
Just an ol' guy, who has shared many family experiences.
Including, facing the Child Protective AGENCY
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Why We Are Stalled in the Reform of CPS
Roz McAllister, Family Advocate

    It seem that the stall in reform within Children Services is all my fault.  Why is beyond me since all I have done is attempt to explain, the “been there, done that” and it just doesn't work. In fact, it backfires, time and time again!

    First let's just look at this from the common sense angle, and get to the nuts and bolts in a bit.  Can you name any family that was reunited by protests and petitions?  Well, I sure can't!  And before you try to site Justina, I can tell you that the spot light of the media did put pressure on, but then, when someone as big as Glenn Beck takes an interest (and may have helped fund the parents' fight), it's a bit hard to ignore.  The key was getting the right attorney to fight the case the proper way that was the winning factor, not the media.  You see, the judge is not supposed to listen to anything on a case outside the courtroom.   That being said, if the media put pressure on the decision, the judge is in violation, and needs to be off the bench!  So, let's look at a few current events and how they affect the reform movement.  But first, let's look at where we are starting.  Continue

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    When One Deals with the Child Protective AGENCY