Saturday, August 29, 2015

TN-Featured NEW Blog: Tennessee Family Law

We are proud to list a New Blog Starting Today!!!

Title of the very first Post is:
The Constitutional Right to Parent and be free from interference from child protective services based on "distortion, misrepresentation, and omission."
By CONNIE REGULI, Attorney at Law
August 28, 2015
I am often called upon to represent the rights of parents against the apparent unlawful interference by the state agency empowered to remove children through ex parte warrants and orders. 

The common practice of these agencies is to review a referral of child abuse and after an "investigation" (which is often lacking in substance) they may decide to remove the children from the parent and place them in foster care.
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Connie has practiced law in Middle Tennessee for over twenty years. If you are facing divorce, termination of your parental rights, adoption, juvenile matters, estate planning - contact us at 615 661 0122
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