Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Parental Rights: Geared up for ANOTHER Round

My staff asked me the other day "Why has the Supreme Court decision for Gay Marriage been affirmed while the Parental Rights Amendment to our Constitution still Stalled in the US Legislator??"

I told them "Good Question", but then reminded them of a checklist created in 1969>>> << Many may want to check this out??

Anyways, those supporting the Parental Rights Amendment aren't giving up.

Below is the latest efforts>>>

Gearing Up for Another Round
-- September 29, 2015 logo
The next legislative session in most states will get started in January, 2016, and we are already working in many of them to introduce bills preserving parental rights.

A few states with year-round legislatures are still (and pretty much always) in session, but in most instances the business of 2015 is finished and the capitol halls are now quiet. But that doesn’t mean we’re not busy working on parental rights statutes right now.

In Colorado and Pennsylvania, our state leaders have already submitted model language to lawmakers who will introduce the legislation for next year. Efforts in other states are in various preparatory stages of the process as well.

Many states require the language to be pre-filed in November or December, making these next few weeks the crucial time to get lead sponsors identified and language finalized.

So although 2016 may seem a long way off, it is in fact already time to get those efforts off the ground.

A year ago parental rights were protected by state statute in 7 states: Michigan, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Virginia. During the 2015 session, Idaho was added to that list. Eight additional states saw legislation proposed that was not yet passed; in a majority of these states work is already under way to try again in 2016.
Currently, efforts have been planned (and may be under way) in the following states: Colorado, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, New Jersey, West Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Missouri. Securing a win in every one of these would more than double the number of states with clear parental rights statutes in the nation.
But we are anticipating even more.

If you would be interested in spearheading an effort in your state, or in getting plugged in to an effort already underway, please let us know! We can provide language and resources you need for getting a bill introduced where you live.
Just email for model language or additional information. Or use our online Volunteer Form to let us know of your interest, and our grassroots director will get in touch with you.

Together we are securing parental rights state by state while pressing toward the day when parental rights are secured in the text of the U.S. Constitution. Thank you for your perseverance – we could not do it without you!
Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

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