Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have an attorney who enjoys a challenge?

In this particular discussion of 4 parts, the Administrative Hearing Process is discussed in relationship to Foster Care Givers exercising their legal rights to express their opinion of any concerns brought up against them.

Please note, many issues contained in this blog, could be applied to anyone confronted with alleged allegations, be it a Foster Care Giver, Natural Parent, and/or Relative. One must be keenly aware of what branch of the legal system that they are going to present their case. For example, the level of proof needed varies greatly between an Administrative Hearing, Family Court and/or Criminal Court.

As expressed in Part 4 of this series:
Do you know your rights, if not you have none.

Have an attorney who enjoys a challenge?

Part 1: 

We have already mentioned the phrase "due process". We are confident that you have heard this phrase several times, however, what does it mean to foster parents, how are they being deprived of this right? Let us examine a little deeper....."Read More"

Part 2:

"....parents being placed on the Child Abuse Registry without the appeal process. When you do not agree with the outcome in any of the limited lower courts, you have a right to take it to a higher court to obtain, if you will, a second opinion.... "Read More"

"...Other facts to be aware of; an appeal can be filed only after all other steps have been tried, in other words you must have exhausted other methods of settlement prior to filing an appeal with the courts..."Read More".

Part 4:

In going over the appeal process which gives us access to our justice system we are teaching you the importance in exercising these rights. Now let us go over some of the things we have learned in this session;
1. We learned that we have the right to appeal any decision and take it to a higher court.
2. it is an expensive process; court fees, filing fees, etc.
3. What Administrative Law is and how it works.
4. What APA stands for and how it unified the Administrative procedures.
5. steps of court in the United states in the appeal process.
6. The importance of an appeal in obtaining justice.
7. Do you know your rights, if not you have none.
"Read More"

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