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Trusting Lawyers Loses Lawsuits !

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  Note: As the blogger, I am not a lawyer. Please see this Disclaimer.

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If you're like most people, you don't trust lawyers ... I don't either!
You're smart!
  • If you're really smart, you won't trust judges, either!
Many judges are excellent people who try their best to give everyone the benefit of law and follow the rules of court.
A few are horrible tyrants or downright crooks.
  • You MUST go into every lawsuit doubting the honesty of the judge.
  • You must be on guard against the shady ethics of the lawyer on the other side.
  • And (if you're lucky enough to be able to afford one) it's a good idea to keep a close watch on your own lawyer!
The multitude of lawyer jokes ought to give you a clue!
  • Q: What's 5,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
  • A: A good start!
Is there another profession with anywhere near as many critically negative jokes about its members? Of course not!
There must be a reason, and YOU must beware!
Court battles are an axe-fight! Don't forget it!
  • The other side's lawyer is going to play every dirty trick the judge allows.
  • Count on it.
  • Plan ahead for it.
Be prepared to combat it and PROTECT YOURSELF!

The judge may be prejudiced for one reason or another. The judge may be someone who couldn't make a living as a lawyer, so he or she chose to be a judge, instead, to get a regular paycheck rather than risk competing in the marketplace with more competent professionals.
The judge may be on the take.
Or, perhaps, the judge woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
You dare not assume a judge will do what's right!
The Rules of Professional Responsibility forbid my saying what I think about a few particular judges I've known, judges I could identify by name, but I wouldn't be fair to you if I didn't warn you there are "bad judges".

And, I wouldn't be fair to the "good judges" I've known if I didn't also tell you there are some judges who are simply excellent people, honorable in every sense of the word!
How can YOU tell which is which?
Then there's your own lawyer (if you're rich enough to pay $300/hour or more to have one on your side). Dare you trust your own lawyer without first learning what it takes to win in court?
  • Will your lawyer do what must be done to win?
  • If you cannot pay your lawyer for all the hours needed to get evidence, prepare for hearings, research the law, draft effective motions, etcetera, who is going to get the job done?
  • Will your lawyer even tell you what could have been done, what should have been done ... once you lose?
  • What if your lawyer gets up on the wrong side of bed?
  • What if your lawyer is afraid to stand up to the judge and threaten appeal by objecting to the judge's rulings?
  • You'd be amazed how many are afraid of judges!
Where does this leave YOU?
Legal malpractice and courtroom corruption are on the rise these days, yet most people have no idea how to fight back and protect themselves. Most people have no idea what it takes to win in court ... or how easy it is once you learn how!
  • When a judge lets a lawyer on the other side get away with smoke-and-mirrors games, YOU LOSE!
  • When a judge won't let you make objections to preserve your record for appeal, YOU LOSE!
  • When your own lawyer (if you have one) bails at the last minute when crunch time comes or wimps out when it's necessary to hold the judge accountable to the rules, if YOU don't know what to do, YOU LOSE!
  • Most disturbing of all, if you lose for these reasons YOU CANNOT APPEAL YOUR LOSS!
The only way to protect yourself is to learn!
Know what it takes to win in court!
Use the official Jurisdictionary self-help course!
Jurisdictionary shows you what needs to be done. You'll know how pleadings and motions should be drafted. You'll know what must be done to force the other side to produce evidence.

You'll know the objections that must be made when the opposition tries to trick you with legalese or smoke-and-mirrors tactics. You'll know how to keep the judge in line!

Without the easy-to-learn official Jurisdictionary self-help course, you're at the mercy of the lawyer on the other side, at the mercy of the judge and, if you have a lawyer. you're at the mercy of your very own lawyer!

If you don't have Jurisdictionary, you lose!
Don't be another sad lawsuit story!
Let Jurisdictionary show you how easy it is to win!
  • Then, if you must hire a lawyer you'll know what should be done. You won't pay for incompetence or laziness.
And, if you can't afford a lawyer, you'll know how to force the court to protect your rights and the rights of those you love.

It's easy with our affordable 24-hour course.
Learn how to control the court -- step-by-step.
Visit the Jurisdictionary to learn more!
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Winners know how to control the court!

That's how you win!
  • You have a remedy at law ... if you know how to use it.
  • If you don't yet know what we teach, you cannot imagine how much fun it is to force people to do what's right by using the Jurisdictionary methods for winning lawsuits.
  • You have POWER TO CONTROL THE COURT once you know the methods we explain so easily an 8th grader can learn and understand in just 24 hours!
  • All 4 CDs plus instant internet access as soon as you order, still only $249 (plus 7.50 for Priority Mail delivery).
What do you have to lose?
  • Losers believe in fables and get their legal education at the barbershop or expensive weekend seminars or websites run by people who never practiced law, never went to law school, and don't know mud from sand about the Rules of Court or how to use those rules to control the court.
Yet, that IS what it takes to win!
  • Jurisdictionary was created by a lawyer with more than 23 years of real-time experience winning lawsuits!
Protect yourself!
  • If you have a lawyer, you'll save thousands in legal fees just by knowing what your lawyer should be doing to win.
  • If you don't have a lawyer, you'll maximize the odds by knowing how to stop the opponent's crooked tactics and how to get and keep the judge on your side!
  • To learn more, go to: www.Jurisdictionary.com
May you find Strength in Your Higher Power,
 GranPa Chuck
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