Wednesday, July 25, 2012

9th Circuit come to Boise to hear parent rights case

This is a case well worth following. Since it relates to the Parents refusing the advice of the Medical Industry.. ie not only for the children, but also for patients’ rights.. 

Do take a look at the listing of Patients’ Rights for Most Hospitals. Usually #1 is that the Patient has the right to question, etc. the decisions of the Dr., nurses, etc.

Highlights of for the courts to answer:
·“When should a parent lose custody of a young child for refusing consent for a medical procedure?“
·“How likely must the harm to the child be for that to happen, and what if the potential harm is unlikely but dire?”
·“And should doctors and police who seize custody and perform the procedure over parents’ objections bear any liability?”
So read the entire story and watch for updates:
9th Circuit come to Boise to hear parentrights case