Friday, July 20, 2012

From Crime Scene to Trial

Below you will see courses offered to an audience of prosecutors, social workers, case managers, forensic interviewers, law enforcement officers, investigators or child protection attorneys:
  • From Crime Scene to Trial
  • When Words Matter
I am sharing these as part of my "Defend Yourself" blog with why it is so vitally important, that we as parents, care givers, etc. also do our homework to properly defend themselves. We must all keep in mind that the "Truth is always the Truth" and all sides must be given the opportunity to share the truth.

  • From Crime Scene to Trial
Winona, MN    October 3-5, 2012
For: Diverse group of at least four people, consisting of any combination of the following: Prosecutor, social worker, case manager, forensic interviewer, law enforcement officer, investigator or child protection attorney

This course provides detailed instruction in the investigation of a crime scene and how seemingly unimportant details can become critical at trial. Includes a crime scene investigation to be conducted in the “mock house” at the NCPTC training facility.
  • When Words Matter
 Saint Paul, MN    October 9-12, 2012

When Words Matter is the largest, annual conference for forensic interviewers in the United States.  It is designed to extend the concepts of the CornerHouse RATAC® interviewing protocol.  When Words Matter is a four-day national conference hosted each year in a state that has implemented the ChildFirst™ Forensic Interview Training Program. The conference brings together nationally recognized experts from different areas of the child protection field for this informative and innovative conference.  The topics covered will be useful for prosecutors, law enforcement officers, child protective service workers, forensic interviewers, child counselors/psychologists, medical professionals, victim advocates, and anyone else who interviews children or prepares them for court.