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Featured Legal Site - LII Building Blocks

Eventhough this site page is recommended for Legal Educators, doesn't mean us Common Folk can't take a look.

Here is the Introduction, which will lead you to the Resources on this site:

  building blocks

A unique resource for law teachers

Since 1992 the LII has been building and distributing electronic materials strongly oriented to the needs of legal educators, via the Internet and on disk.  The LII "Building Blocks" series of documents is intended to help law teachers use the extensive collections and technology tools developed by the LII in support of their teaching and other electronic publishing activities.  Here you will find listings of what we have, information on how to search our materials and make pinpoint links to particular cases, statutory provisions, regulations, rules of evidence or procedure, how you and your students can make use of our current awareness services, and information on the LII's downloadable and CD-ROM based core course materials in fields ranging from civil procedure or the Uniform Commercial Code to legal ethics. Just follow the links from the list below. Note: Our normal revision cycle involves annual updates to these materials which occur during the summer months and are generally completed by August 15. If your use of the material is time- or version-bound, you may want to check with us about the status of any new version.

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